Anyone here whose name is STELLA?

Going once? Going twice?


Anyway, yeah on 3/14/17 Stella paid a visit to the Northeast and she dumped a huge pile of snow for us here in NYC. Actually it was not as bad as Jonas last year — Jonas forced me to stay local that day 😛

So I decided to go out anyway since the R was actually working (yea yea some above grounds train were not working) even tho it was a pain to walk here and there with the rain boots. Some businesses were open, some were like ‘screw this, we are closed’, some decided to open after 4 or 5 pm.

And you know what? The storm itself was not that bad. I actually enjoyed it! HAHA! seriously people, if you are afraid of a mere 6-10 inches of snow then I guess those New York Upstate weather will break your bones. And don’t even speak of Canadian snow 😀

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy this last round of winter storm video 😉

Yours Truly 🙂





Lemme share this while I am patiently editing the videos from Winter Storm Stella that just happened couple of days ago.

And Spring is 2.5 days away but the temperature is still between 30-45. Wonder if mother nature is having too much Guinness for St. Patrick’s this year (she must have been lol).

See you later!

Yours Truly 🙂



Winter Storm Jonas in NYC – the videos

So as we all know, East coast of USA was hit by the lovely winter storm Jonas last week. Record breaking snow was created everywhere, including New York City. Central Park reading shows 26.8 inches, a bit of shy from the all time 2006 record with 26.9 inches.

A lot of people (as I am writing this now) are still shoveling and cleaning the sidewalk and street. Temps begin to rise up but at the same time it’s starting to drop again, meaning cleaning up is gonna be difficult at least until next week when we are expecting another warm 55 degrees temp again.

I am not gonna talk much but please enjoy the devastation Jonas has brought to NYC last week. 🙂

Yours Truly 🙂