Anyone here whose name is STELLA?

Going once? Going twice?


Anyway, yeah on 3/14/17 Stella paid a visit to the Northeast and she dumped a huge pile of snow for us here in NYC. Actually it was not as bad as Jonas last year — Jonas forced me to stay local that day 😛

So I decided to go out anyway since the R was actually working (yea yea some above grounds train were not working) even tho it was a pain to walk here and there with the rain boots. Some businesses were open, some were like ‘screw this, we are closed’, some decided to open after 4 or 5 pm.

And you know what? The storm itself was not that bad. I actually enjoyed it! HAHA! seriously people, if you are afraid of a mere 6-10 inches of snow then I guess those New York Upstate weather will break your bones. And don’t even speak of Canadian snow 😀

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy this last round of winter storm video 😉

Yours Truly 🙂




Winter Storm Thor 3/5/15

15 days before spring and Mister Winter paid another visit to the Northeast, including New York City. Weather Channel named this storm “Thor” but for me, it was nothing spectacular. Trust me, I have dealt with much worse than this (especially after they were wrong during last January prediction of the so-called blizzard). I guess Thor was just trying to pass by without dumping a significant amount of snow.

Snow measurements around NYC and tri-state area were pretty varied. Last time i checked, Jamaica got around 7 inches while Central Park got like 5 inches or so. My area, um, around 4 inches. If you go to the suburbs part of New Jersey, then it could go up to 8 inches or more. Will there be another period of snow before we officially enter Spring season on March 20th? Who knows! You can never predict mother nature.

I always like winter weather so thank God for another snow (winter haters out there will definitely want to close my post after this, sorry lol). Pictures below were taken after the storm ended. I have posted some of those on Instagram so you might have seen them already.


Let it snow, let it snow.



What a beautiful sight, we are happy tonight. Walking in the winter wonderland.



Do you want to build a snowman?



MTA worker at 52nd St Subway station. working hard, eh? 🙂



Had a nice chai latte at Starbucks.


Meanwhile on the other hand, Delta Flight 1086 skidded off runway 13 while attempted landing at La Guardia Airport around 11 AM the same day. minor injuries reported but Thank God everyone on board was okay. photo courtesy of ABC news online.


And as if one was not enough, Harrison Ford’s plane crashed while attempted to land on a golf course. Thank God he only suffered minor injuries. Photo snapshot courtesy of New York Times.


Makes you really wonder and think that life on earth is indeed full of surprises.

Weather is gonna warm up by next week. Have you plan anything exciting for the spring break? I haven’t plan anything yet but I will be seeing a Broadway show with boo sometime in the end of March. What about you?

Yours Truly 🙂

P.S: Daylight saving begins again this weekend. Ugh, I never like the DST. adjust your clock, New Yorkers!

One Sunday Afternoon

Hello March!

I cannot believe that it is already 1/3/15. February seem went by so quick. I still remember we just celebrated Valentine’s and Lunar NY. All of a sudden, it is March and that means spring is coming in like 19 something days.

Happy? Yeah.
Sad? A lil bit.

Happy because there will be plenty of activities my boo and i could do but sad because weather’s gonna be warm up and uncertain period amount of rain gonna wash NYC. I am not saying that rain is bad tho; i hate when it rain dramatically. It creates puddles everywhere.

Plus the humidity, my God! I cannot stand NY’s humidity level for some reason. It will says 55f for the temp but due to the 90% humidity, it feels like 75 and next thing you know, you will sweat like crazy after lots of walking.

Oh well, i guess that’s why they call it “A circle of life”

It snowed quite hard earlier in NYC (couple hours ago before i wrote this) and it came up pretty afterwards. However, if you are living in your own house or own a car then having a lot of snow is the last thing you want to say. Thank God i live in an apartment building but yea i feel bad for some people. You gotta shovel and clean the sidewalk and of course clean your car before the ice getting too thick to clean.




Ps: pics were taken in Brooklyn. In front of boo’s house.


And even this dog knows that the weather has been so depressing lately. Lol.

p.p.s: i originally took a video of the snow but since WP was acting stupid with the upload so please bear with the pics and enjoy the snapshot of it.

So how’s the weather in your area, folks? Spill some bean!

Yours Truly 🙂

Bryant Park Frozen Fountain

So the weather has been really cold in New York City. I mean, extremely cold.

No, I am not complaining. I embrace the cold weather with open arms.

It’s just, it’s getting sickening.

I know, I know. I once stated that I always prefer cold than hot but I just dislike the sudden temperature change. I’d like for mother nature to just stay the same like for 5 days straight. Ya know, if she wants 15-25F then let it be like that for 5 days instead of 2 days of brutal low of 9 then all of a sudden, it goes up to like 40 on the weekend. Like, seriously?!?

Oh well, complaining won’t help. She’s probably having the moodswing like we all females are experiencing during period.

Talk about freezing weather, I snapped some videos and pictures with my Canon G12 and I made a compilation video of Bryant Park Frozen Fountain. Mind you, some parts of the video were a little bit shaky because of the sudden wind chill that made both my hands freeze within minutes. I should have worn my gloves but yes I was that stubborn LOL.

Oh and if you want to, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel for the latest videos. Yeah yeah, my username is kinda weird but hey, it’s been around since 2008. 😉

So, how you guys been? Currently I am having a sore throat and cold. Sucks.

Yours Truly 🙂

2015 Winter Storm in NYC

As i have said on my previous post, we just had our winter storm last weekend.

Happy? Yes

Ecstatic? Definitely (seems that i like this word a lot. i actually used it two times already)

Begging for more? Er, not really but I don’t mind snow. It is winter anyway so what do you expect? Mixed sunshine with thunderstorm?!?

Anyway, yes those winter storms have names (dunno when Weather Channel decided to name winter storms) and they were IOLA (i-yow-la) and JUNO.

Weather forecast predicted JUNO would bring at least 2 Feet of snow in New York City. Guess what?!

It only dropped 1 feet, some area even only got like 7 to 8 inches.

Oh well, they are human. Let mother nature do the work.

First three pictures were taken during Winter Storm IOLA


Taken on 1/24/2015 around 2.40 AM


don’t you just love it when it snowed?!


I LOVE THIS! taken around 2.50 AM on 1/24/2015 with my iPhone. location: my apartment’s main lobby.

The rests of the pictures were Winter Storm Juno


Queens Boulevard around 4 PM on 1/26/2015. Yeap, traffic paid a visit during this so-called blizzard!


By midnight, it was already a feet of snow which unfortunately did not change much into a 2 feet as i would expected.


Juno did his best to blanket NYC with a lot of snow. Hey, Bryant Park got a bunch of snow!


If you own a car, getting stuck in the snow is probably the last thing you want to experience!

So yes, that sums up the first round of 2015 Winter Storm in New York City. Heard that the other one is coming and predicted will bring more snow to the city and surrounding Tri State area. Will it eventually happen for real or just another stupid forecast? We’ll see!

Have a great TGIF, folks! I’ll see you later!

Yours Truly 🙂