President’s Day Snow 2016

So the snow fell on President’s Day but it was gone by Tuesday morning because of the hideous rain. Talked about weird weather!

Yours Truly 🙂


Some Tidbits About Me

  1. I love shopping (why,of course!) but nothing is more indulging than scoring the deal of the day from the local grocery store which i know that later i can cook and enjoy it as my dinner meal without guilt 🙂
  2. I have quite an “orgasmic” thing with food. There are times when i am feeling so satisfied after just scrolling down pictures of foods on instagram, yelp, blogs, and so on.
  3. i can never say no to a piping hot mom’s chicken soup. If there is one food left on earth and i have to eat, then it’d better be that!
  4. unlike most of my family members, i am not lactose intollerant. Even long before i knew about European delicacies, my comfort food were always anything dairy like milk, cheese, eggs, and all that stuff. Mom said even when we went for a short trip, i’d always look for cold cuts and yogurts for breakfast.
  5. i love my Mortadella! Period!
  6. i do not have sweet tooth so please bear with me if i am not eagerly excited if you post cakes. I love cakes, pies, and stuff but as Nigella herself said in her book, my tongue is super sensitive and picky when it comes to dessert. I can sense from far whether a restaurant or a diner has good sweet desserts or not.
  7. i can eat sorbet/ice cream/gelato/fruit bar/popsickle and call it a dinner. Yes, i mean it.
  8. i am what they called adaptable. I tend to adjust to new place easier whether it’s new language or new culture.
  9. I don’t like rain. Period. F**k rain! Whoever said it is always romantic to be kissed in the rain — trust me it’s not!
  10. I love cold weather. Fall is good but winter is better! I love it when the temp hits below freezing or even subzero. I know, i know, some of you are already hating me for saying this. Oh well.

that’s all folks! See ya later on my next post!

ps: Puh-lease, pretty please! Dump snow in NYC ASAP!

Yours Truly 🙂

One Sunday Afternoon

Hello March!

I cannot believe that it is already 1/3/15. February seem went by so quick. I still remember we just celebrated Valentine’s and Lunar NY. All of a sudden, it is March and that means spring is coming in like 19 something days.

Happy? Yeah.
Sad? A lil bit.

Happy because there will be plenty of activities my boo and i could do but sad because weather’s gonna be warm up and uncertain period amount of rain gonna wash NYC. I am not saying that rain is bad tho; i hate when it rain dramatically. It creates puddles everywhere.

Plus the humidity, my God! I cannot stand NY’s humidity level for some reason. It will says 55f for the temp but due to the 90% humidity, it feels like 75 and next thing you know, you will sweat like crazy after lots of walking.

Oh well, i guess that’s why they call it “A circle of life”

It snowed quite hard earlier in NYC (couple hours ago before i wrote this) and it came up pretty afterwards. However, if you are living in your own house or own a car then having a lot of snow is the last thing you want to say. Thank God i live in an apartment building but yea i feel bad for some people. You gotta shovel and clean the sidewalk and of course clean your car before the ice getting too thick to clean.




Ps: pics were taken in Brooklyn. In front of boo’s house.


And even this dog knows that the weather has been so depressing lately. Lol.

p.p.s: i originally took a video of the snow but since WP was acting stupid with the upload so please bear with the pics and enjoy the snapshot of it.

So how’s the weather in your area, folks? Spill some bean!

Yours Truly 🙂