Hello everyone, how you doin?

Sorry for the uber late post and update. I have sent the gifts to all the Christmas giveaway winners so if anyone of you have receive them, let me know in the comment box below. I hope you guys enjoy the gifts!

Speaking of gifts, how’s your Valentine’s day this year? For me, this year’s Valentine was a semi special. Why? because at one point BB had already prepare a special night out at this nice Southern place but we were stuck in a horrific traffic so we had to cancel it. And what sucks is that it was on a Sunday afternoon! We were swearing like crazy in the car consider how packed up the highway that day!

But of course there was a sweet ending to that! BB gave me the best Valentine’s gift ever. Nope, not a diamond, not a car, but something that we would cherish for the rest of our lives.

Those were lovely but not those. LOL.

Curious enough?

Ok. Ok.

A night with Michael Bolton.

Yeap, there ya go! Michael Bolton’s concert on February 19th 2017.

For those of you who do not know me that well, I am gonna spill a secret. I have been a fan of Bolton since I was in elementary school. Yea yea, I am an old school persona and I still think he’s hot even at the ripe age of 64! Ok, don’t tell BB that LOL but seriously he still has the voice, the charm, and the… (ok enough :P). And that Sunday night concert prove it.

The interior of the newly renovated St. George Theatre in Staten Island, NY

BB lookin dashin handsome (as always!) 😉

The same dress I wore to Il Trovatore in Oct 2015 LOL

Bolton and his back vocalist, Sam Fly (or so I have heard :P)

Ay, even at 64 he is still lookin hot! 😀

So Bolton sang most of his 80s and 90s hits including How Am I Supposed To Live Without You, When A Man Loves A Woman, Steel Bars, Said I Loved You But I Lied, How Can We Be Lovers, Sittin On A Dock OF The Bay, as well as his songs from his latest CD “Songs of Cinema”. BB and I really enjoyed the concert although I must say I was sorta bummed because he did not sing Go The Distance because I have been waiting for him to actually perform it. Another bummer was that when he performed When A Man Loves A Woman. Bolton always surprised his fans during his concert but this time around he only came from one side of the guest entrance (not from the middle part of the seating section) so I could not take a much closer picture with my camera. Unlike Singapore’s concert in 2009 which I also attended, he basically just stayed in one side then went back to the stage. This left most of the viewers on the other side (including me) blocked from seeing or taking pictures of him. I was also surprised that he did not sing songs from his 2009 album “One World One Love” but I guess it was understandable consider he needed to prioritize his latest album first.

Despite those glitches, BB and I really enjoyed our night out together and I eventually made him like Bolton now. LOL. The day did not start smooth but the evening concert really paid off. Oh and btw, don’t expect too many pictures or videos from the concert because I am not the type of person who would glue to her cell or camera from beginning till the end. When I go to a concert or Broadway play or Opera, I want to enjoy it as much as I can. Bolton did not mind the audience taking videos or photos tho but to me I’d rather take couple of mementos and hear him sings because hey, the show is not free! 😉


Yours Truly 🙂

P.S.: incase you are wondering, we only went to a small Bar and Grill to eat before the show. Nothing fancy really just a pierogies and Jamaican pork sandwiches with fries.


The Foodie Duos: Valentine’s Day 2016


How’s your Valentine’s Day y’all?

This year, BB and CC decided to celebrate V-Day a little bit different. Because of the frigid cold weather, they stayed home on February 14th but they went to dinner and show on the 13th. 🙂

TFD was in the mood for Cuban food so they went to Guantanamera on 56th and 8th for some delicious Cuban feast. They had chicken croquettes for appetizer, Seafood paella for entrée, and also ordered a nice Mojito! After dinner, they went to Marquis Theatre to watched On Your Feet the Broadway musical! Talked about going Cuban all night long!

Then on V-Day, they stayed home with the folks and enjoyed nice cupcakes, mille crepes, tea, and also a bottle of Dolcetto wine!

Enjoy the videos and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yours Truly 🙂

Our Valentine’s 2015

For the first time in my life, I actually experienced a real Valentine’s day with my beloved.

And no, I am not exaggerating.

Yes I have been in a couple of relationships prior to this one but I have never really celebrate Valentine’s Day. It was either because the ex did not like the idea or there was one time when I actually had a fight with ex during that day. I know I know it sounds stupid but oh well, lesson learned.

Enough with my own rambling.

Last Saturday, boo made a reservation at 8.30 pm but he did not tell me where. He told me a week before V-day and I was sort of like trying to say “where” but instead of asking, I simply replied “that’s great, boo. Thank you.” So Saturday came and I arrived in BK (short for Brooklyn) around 6PM. Boo picked me up at the subway station and we went to his place first before dinner. We sat down, relax, grabbing a lil snack, chatting with the folks while watching Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune.

7.50 came and we headed out and walk to the restaurant. At first boo was hesitating whether he had to drive or just walk. But then again, I did not mind fast walk so we walked from house to the restaurant. I could not really tell how far but I guess it was around 20-25 minutes of walking. We arrived at the restaurant at 8.27 and were immediately seated.

Oh, the name of the place is MyThai.

As that night was all about Valentine’s day so we were given Valentine’s dinner set menu for two. It has four courses with a dessert to share and complimentary rose wine for two. For the appetizer we had beef and chicken satay, pot stickers, and spring rolls completed with 4 types of sauce. Peanut sauce, dumpling sauce, cucumber onion pickled relish, and a hoisin type of sauce. For the salad, we ordered green salad with peanut sauce.


I really liked the satays. They were cooked perfectly and easy to chew. Even tho they did not use chicken thigh (normally if i make my own i would rather use the thigh cause its juicier) but i still enjoy it. The spring roll was good too although they could serve 2 instead of just one. Potsticker was okay, nothing to shout about. The garden salad was good especially when it’s paired with the peanut sauce.

For the entrees, we chose the Malaysian short ribs and Shrimp pad thai noodles. Actually I was interested with the spicy basil seafood thingy (don’t ask me the name of it, hard to pronounce Thai names) but i was kinda “eh” with spicy food that night so i was happy with the choice. The order came at same time and boy, they were huge. Good thing we shared the food lol. The ribs were my favorite, hell i could eat them just by themselves without the sauce. It was just cooked right and seasoned right. Chewy and tender, definitely the best of the night. The pad thai was great too and seasoned very well. The shrimp was ok but the beansprouts were fresh and crunchy. The peanut could have been a bit crunchier tho.

We chose Chocolate fondant for the dessert and boy it was so damn good. I was already full from all the foods (yea we had to take the ribs and pad thai to go) so i had to make thin slices on the cake. Don’t get me wrong tho, i really liked the cake. Since i am quite picky with cakes i Thank God that night that the dessert was actually delicious. Oh, i forgot to mention about the rose wine. See, i am not a drinker but i could tell good wines and mediocre wines. They served the wine just right. The flavor was great too. Should have asked what type of rose they served that night.

By the time we finished our meal, it was already 10.30 ish and it was snowing real hard outside. I was sort of freezing for like 5 minutes but after walking, my body came back to normal and boo and i actually walked so slow back home that we played along the snowy road while making goofy signs at neighbor’s houses. Lol.

Nope, we did not do harm at all the houses.

So, that’s our story for this year’s Valentine’s day. How’s your story, peeps?

Yours Truly 🙂