So we decided to do a new concept.

MUKBANG it is!

This time CC was craving Halal Guys’ combo over rice so why not?!

Be prepare to drool!

Sorry for the uber late upload and everything but yeay we’re back!

Yours Truly 🙂


Current Life Situation

Hi readers,

Well technically i don’t really want to write something like this.

But i think it’ll be fine if i actually share it with all of you.

So for the past week, i have been cutting my food budget due to unwanted circumstances that unfortunately had to happen. Some of the food posts that are uploaded to Instagram or my blog were mostly taken a week prior.

Am i poor? No, not poor at all.
Just not having quite ‘the money’ yet to endure all those delicious foods from the places that i have been wanting to go. The Foodie Duos are still going to continue however the solo coverage of Christie Christmas will be postponed for a while.

Normally, i don’t mind spending $10-15 per day but because of this situation, i decided to put a limit to my daily expenses. $5 is my limit and to be able to do that is not quite an easy task. It is HARD but it is DOABLE! This 5 bucks are excluding transport because i already loaded my metrocard with some amount that’ll lasts me for quite some time.

Last Friday i went to CVS. luckily, there was a disc for certain food items. Like for instance, there is this Bumble Bee lunch to go that was on sale from 3.99 to 1.99 if you use your extra care card. So i grabbed that. I also noticed there was a chicken salad with crackers to go in the food fridge section. I decided to buy that even tho it’s 3.79 but because i have a $2 coupon, i could reduce the cost. Last one, i grabbed a Colgate whitening paste that was on sale from 4.29 to 3.39 and with my $2 coupon, i scored 1.39 for that. So in total i paid around $5ish with tax. It’s still above my limit a little but i was happy because i could save. I ate the bumble bee for quick snack after class then saved the chick salad for Saturday’s lunch. Since i already had a block of white bread and eggs, i decided to make a chick salad sandwich with onion and sunny side up egg. For saturday, i did not spend a dime! I guess i could say “hooray” for that!

When i was cleaning on friday night after class, i decided to look through my kitchen pantry. I digged through massive pile of instant noodle and granola bars (i am a sucker for granola bars, believe me they are good to fill your stomach for a while!); and found 8 cans of cooked clams and 2 cans of vienna sausages! Whoa, i was about to bursts myself in tears because i knew i still had a box of pasta and some clam juice left in the fridge which i could use to make linguine clam!

Now, i really need to go to the nearest market a.s.a.p and get myself at least a bag of rice and a bulk bag of linguine/spaghetti!

So, what do you think? Should i write some more? Would love to hear your thoughts!

P.S.: for the related video or post, just scroll down and you will find the under $20 grocery shopping haul video.

Yours Truly 🙂

Sharing Is Caring: What I Cook At Home

Hello again, sorry for the hiatus.

Seems that I need to bring my Surface wherever I go. LOL. I have been so lazy in blogging I feel like just telling you guys to follow my Instagram instead of relying for stories about the food here.

Say no more, I will definitely update this blog with mouth-watering delicacies. 🙂

Anyhow, as somebody who has been living in NYC for more than 4 years, I always get question like how the heck do I cope with the not-so-cheap cost of living here especially when they see how often I actually get out to try different foods like every day. Or something like: are you a food writer or food journalist or food photographer everytime I go to a certain place and spend at least what it feels like eternity for some others when I take pictures that I am about to eat.

The answer is: well, NO, i am not a food writer nor a food journalist / photographer (although I have been thinking of this profession after i finish my graduate school) but I consider food as my passion. It seems like there is this uncertain feeling i can’t describe whenever I look at a picture of a food or watching a food related show or even when i cook at home; the euphoriac feeling or even more daring to say — orgasmic.

there you go, I said it. orgasmic.

and when i take a picture of the food then eat it and feeling satisfied and leave the place happy, that’s when the #foodgasm occurs to me. but alas, it even happens way before i try the food sometimes so please bear my inappropriateness 🙂

okay, enough rambling… (see, rambling does make a post longer LOL)

the other answer for another question is: budgeting. what i mean by budgeting is you have to know how much you are willing to spend per day in order for you to satisfy your appetite. like for example, i know couple of people who always eat out every day and they barely cook at home because apparently they don’t know how to cook so they just eat out whether it’s at a restaurant/bar/cafe/to-go place. and this means that they actually have the budget to eat out every day. my food budget is pretty simple: i balance every single thing. like for instance, i will eat out for lunch some days but for dinner, i will cook later at home. or vice versa. and then for some places that are kinda pricey (with a $$$ or $$$$ label next to it), i will make a bookmark and separate the money needed for that place later in savings. sometimes some places need a one to two months reservations in advance so i always make sure i have the time for the available date.

budget wise? tbh, for cooking at home i always make sure that my budget does not exceed $200 per month. there are times when my budget actually below $200 especially when the meals are the cheap and easy to make one; spaghetti/linguine/fried rice for example.

with that being said, I am going to share what I eat when I cook at home:


Indonesian style fried chicken with simple fried rice

Fried rice is my go-to meal whenever I do not have enough time to cook or when I am in my lazy mood. sometimes when i have plenty of spare time, i make fried chicken which i pair with a simple fried rice. recipe for the fried chicken is from here while for the fried rice i normally use this type of packet mix.


Bakmi ayam (Indonesian chicken noodles) with pangsit goreng (fried wonton)

back when I used to live in Indonesia, bakmi ayam is like a guilty pleasure of mine. I could always eat this for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even when i just feel like having one for a snack. lol. so the only way to satisfy my craving is to make my own. i used this recipe which is definitely the easiest one; the authentic one with the soup and everything takes forever to prepare. as for the fried wonton, well i used grounded pork and shrimp that i wrapped inside a wonton sheet and then i deep fried them.


easy chicken alfredo

This one does not need any recipe actually. kinda like a cheap meal that you can make practically by buying all the ingredients at the supermarket. I used farfalle pasta while the sauce is from Newman’s own.


ground beef with tortilla, guacamole, salsa, and cheese

I considered this to be one of the easy meal whenever i do not have time. I used the taco mix from Old El Paso. I always make guacamole from scratch so everytime i buy avocado to make guacamole for next day lunch/dinner, i normally get the one that is 1-2 days from their riping time (unless i am making the guacamole that same day then i will buy the already ripe/soft one).


Sate ayam (chicken satay) with peanut sauce and shredded garlic chili

When I have plenty of time, I will make this finger-licking-good snack. Of course this is not the authentic ‘you-can-find-them-everywhere-in-Indo’ version but with a good oily peanut sauce and some shredded chilli, eh why not! This recipe is the closest one to the authentic sate ayam I used to enjoy back home.


gyu don with beni shoga, pickled radish, and soft boiled egg

I made this using Ochikeron’s recipe. did a little bit of modifications here and there especially with the beef part but turned out good.


linguine in clam sauce with clam, basil, thai bird chillies, and some grated cheese

another easy to make meal that can be done in less than 20 mins. i admit that this is not the authentic linguine in clam sauce you will get at the authentic mom-and-pops Italian place but you will thank me later! i used Snowy’s clam sauce and clam juice for the basic sauce while the chillies are added because sometimes i just want a lil bit of heat 😀


honey garlic chicken wings

I used the recipe from DanSeto and I added a lil bit of chillies and scallios for extra heat and flavor! 🙂


fish tacos with bok choy, dill sauce, and guacamole

another take of easy to make meal. i used quinoa herb and crusted fish from Dr Praeger’s for the filling inside with a dill sauce i got normally from Whole Foods. You can always pair them with guacamole and stir fried veggie; in this case i cooked bok choy stir fry with carrot and chilli.


linguine in clam sauce with prawn, clam, and scallion

same recipe like the other linguine except with the addition of jumbo prawn.


chicken tenders with chilli peppers

originally i wanted to make the chicken tenders using the recipe from Nigella here but in the end i used Food Wishes’ recipe instead to marinade and deep fry them. If you have kids and they are picky eaters, i guarantee they will love this meal! (chilli peppers are optional)


beef burger with some side salad and sweet potato

Burger is something that you can easily make at home and you don’t have to be fancy with the presentation. I actually bought the side salad from local supermarket but the sweet potato fries I actually made them myself. as for the burger, check on your local groceries cause sometimes they have promotions for angus beef patties. I got mine in a package of 4 for around $7ish. i always put onion, lettuce, american cheese, and tomato inside my burger. the sauce is just plain mix of ketchup and mayo.


steak with sauteed green beans

Now, I am still learning when it comes to cooking the perfect medium rare for my steak (i like it medium rare, rare is okay sometimes but it has to be from a very good steak place) but yes, on certain occasion i do make steak which i always pair with a sauteed green bean. i used Gordon Ramsay’s method and it did work!


spicy maple chicken wings

As soon as I saw the recipe from Curtis Stone’s news page, I knew I had to make it. Depends on how your taste bud can handle the hot level, you can definitely make this with habanero flavored hot sauce. 😉


bakso babi udang goreng (Chinese-Indo fried pork shrimp meatballs)

Another snack that I can literally eat tons of them and still want for more. lol. I used the recipe from here which I modified a lil bit. My dad made this at least once a month back home for afternoon snack. there are tons of variations on how to prepare the meatballs. it is so freakin delicious it’s kinda unhealthy in some way 😛


bakmi babi (ground pork noodles with scallion – Indo style)

I used the same recipe with the chicken noodle to which I substitute the protein with ground pork. (i am so sorry i am a sucker for pork lol)


Shrimp fried rice

Now when Whole Foods has their special promotion on those big succulent juicy prawn, you know you definitely have to mix them in the fried rice! 😉


rib eye steak with sweet potato

another lazy meal that is easy to make too! i cook steak at least once to twice a month at home and normally i will pair my steak with green beans or in this case, sweet potato fries. Tips: sometimes fancy market like Whole Foods discounted their steaks on certain times especially for sirloin or porterhouse. Unless you are feeding a family of 4 or more then I would suggest to look for bargains at their meat department.

Yes, I did not post every single thing that I cooked but hopefully this post can answer your curiosity or perhaps can actually motivates you to cook at home. And if you feel like saving, try buying certain products in bulk. for instance, if you want to make let’s say shrimp fried rice for tomorrow’s dinner and then you want to make something with shrimp (like shrimp scampi for other day) again with different menu then buy 1 LB or even 2 LBS. you can always freeze the shrimp until you want to use them later.

PS: this is solely based on how I cook for one person. some recipes might call for two portions.

Yours Truly 🙂

When Feeling Special: Barn Joo

If you are in the mood to have Korean food, then most likely you are going to think those Korean restaurants in Koreatown, Manhattan or those that are located in Flushing, Queens. Or sometimes you will think of that fusion Korean BBQ place with those a-lot-of-branches-here-and-there place. (it starts with the letter G lol).

But to think of such place near Flatiron/Union Square/Madison Square Park district? Probably not.

Well, apparently there is a Korean joint near Flatiron and it did not disappoint at all. Meet Barn Joo.

Barn Joo is a Korean restaurant / bar that claims itself only uses the best local ingredients for all of their food selections. I happened to find this artsy yet amazing place by accident with Google (all hail Mr. Google I guess LOL) and asked boo whether he wanted to try it or not. It was Saturday afternoon when I asked him and he was contemplating because he was not going to be out of work until 4PM. I followed my gut and i booked reservation through opentable for the 9PM one. Lo and behold, MTA always messed up weekend transportation so I had to change it into 9.30 PM one. We were still around downtown Manhattan when the time was already 9.25 and I began to panic. Boo calmed me down yet I could not calm down. We got off at 23rd St station at around 9.40 ish and immediately rushed to Barn Joo. Thank God that they were very accommodating and we were seated right away.


The interior of Barn Joo. dominated with woods and candles. If you like taking selfies then this is not the right place for you.

The photos that I took explained a why I did not take a lot of pictures at Barn Joo during dinner time. Perhaps next time I should just bring my DSLR. But yeah, that sums up how dark and poorly lighted this place was. (romantic though 😉 )


There is a moon on top of the ceiling. LOL

We scanned their menu and my eyes immediately looked at their selection of pancakes. They have kimchi, scallion, and seafood pancakes. Since boo is a devout fan of kimchi so he decided to choose kimchi while I chose the scallion one.


Kimchi pancake. $13. pulled pork, serrano pepper, chopped kimchi



Scallion pancake. $16. baby greens, green beans, zucchini, mushrooms.


Boo tasted the kimchi while I tasted my scallion pancake. Result: oh my, we definitely LOVED those pancakes; especially my scallion pancakes. It was so damn delicious (well tbh all Korean pancakes are delicious anyway) but what makes it even more interesting is that they put a generous amount of arugula on top. I loved arugula and by eating it with a slice of pancake and the sauce, it created such harmony and sensation that i could not even describe. I also loved the fact that they were not stingy with the filling — zucchini in a pancake?! damn Barn Joo, you knew me that well! 😉 As for the kimchi, well I thought it was delicious too but I loved my scallion better. I’m sorry boo (:P) but boo said he really liked the kimchi one — a little bit spicy but it tasted just right.


Bulgogi pot with rice and salad. $18.

We decided to order the bulgogi pot with rice and salad to share. The bulgogi did not disappoint either. The juicy thinly sliced beefs cooked in perfection and with that generous amount of scallion on top — we were in heaven for sure. We also loved the rice that they served together with the bulgogi. According to the menu listed on their website, they also served five grain rice for $3 extra. I am not sure if our rice was the five grain one or just regular brown rice but it tasted different and delicious! The salad was just okay imo, just a regular green salad with Asian vinaigrette dressing.


Our highlight of the night: BJ Wings in garlic soy sauce 🙂 $13 for 6 wings.

Seriously speaking, I was a devoted fan of BonChon for Korean Fried Chicken (nope, not that junk KFC that we know LOL) but after I tasted BJ wings at Barn Joo then I can honestly say that I have found a new place for my wings. The soy garlic sauce that marinated those wings tasted so finger licking damn good I felt that it was not fair they only gave 6 instead of 12 wings. 😛 Unfortunately, we were not allowed to mix flavors for the wings so that’s kinda a bummer for us that night. The wings were also cooked in perfection — crisp and juicy and definitely much much better than regular American chicken wings 😉



As much as I loved Barn Joo and their foods, I do not think I will be a regular at this place consider the price points they put for all of their foods and drinks. I mean, their small appetizer bites started at $10 with the exception of fries or kimchi pickles and if you are super hungry and wanted to eat a lot of wings then you should order at least two portions of their BJ wings. The pancakes are also in the expensive side as well because normally you can get the same type of pancakes at most of the restaurants in Koreatown with the same price — if not cheaper than Barn Joo. Nevertheless, Barn Joo can be your other alternatives if you want to have a delicious Korean dinner while enjoying its’ unique ambiance and decor it offers; especially if you are already tired with the regular Koreatown restaurants and bars.

Barn Joo
Address: 893 Broadway, New York, NY, 10003
Phone: 646-398-9663
Hours: starts open from 12 noon till midnight or 1AM for weekends.
Nearest Transit: 23rd St N,R trains (close by), 23rd St F,M trains (walking distances), M5 bus and also other MTA buses, also 23rd St PATH in walking distances.

Yours Truly 🙂

When In Doubt: Cantina Place To Beach

When I am in an area where I rarely visit that much, I always try my best to eat something new. If you are a native of Brooklyn or more specifically Coney Island then you can surely skip reading this post.


Anyway, yes even tho Coney Island is not as fancy as Long Beach or the Hampton but I loved this area due to the fact that it is the only place in New York City where I can ride the iconic ‘Cyclone‘ and recently launched again ‘Thunderbolt‘. And it is the only place near where I live where I can stroll around the beach for free.

OK, well NYC has other beaches where you can stroll around for free but the excitement is not the same as Coney Island.

So boo and I went to Coney Island sometime last June and we both rode on the Thunderbolt and played a lot of arcade games. Hours passed by and we were hungry all of a sudden. That was when I noticed this place called Cantina Place To Beach that sold quick snacks and foods like tacos, burgers, hot dogs, quesadillas, etc. I was contemplating whether I wanted to eat that (and boo was also doing the same thing — I swear, we acted like twins sometimes lol) and after looking at other restaurants and bars, we decided to go back and ate at Cantina.


Bud Light and Stella Artois. Cheers!



Originally we ordered the 6 tacos consists of pork, veggie, and chicken. They were running out of pork that night so we decided to go with chicken and veggie. Along with side of guacamole, salsa, and chips.



Definitely had a lot of fun 😉


How’s the taste? Well tbh, they were quite generous with the fillings inside the tacos but I would not call those tacos excellent though. They were pretty tasty especially the veggies but they did not convince me that much to scream “I’d love to go back there asap”. Quite possibly because I have had better tacos elsewhere but I would not mind to sit there and maybe order their chips and guacamole and salsa while sipping nice cold beer or margarita.

Funny story was that we only ordered 2 sets of pick any 3 tacos (each set has 3 tacos) but in the end they gave us 7 lol.. talk about feeling lucky that night 😉

Price wise? well, it is still in the affordable-medium category and I believe I paid around $40 ish for all the foods and drinks and if you are the one who concerned about portion and worry about your bucks then you can definitely give this one a try while you are at Coney Island. Well, if you are already bored with Nathan’s of course 😉

P.S.: apparently they also housed a 21+ club and bar next door so if you are the ‘party people’ then you can definitely go next door and have a blast. 😉

Cantina Place To Beach
Address:  1301 Boardwalk W, Brooklyn, NY 11224
Phone: (718) 373-5862
 Nearest Transit: Coney Island – Stillwell Avenue B,D,N,Q trains, B36 buses.

Yours Truly 🙂

2nd impression


Ok, 2nd post. Well, what do you want to know?


yes, if you read my bio or about me in the blog site, i live in NYC or New York City.


Summer 2011 – i arrived in NYC. Stayed in Brooklyn heights part of Brooklyn, NY for couple of days. Moved to Astoria – part of Queens – for about 1,5 months

Almost end of summer 2011 – moved from Astoria to Midtown East part of Manhattan for 1 month until beginning of autumn/fall

fall 2011- moved to Upper West Side part of Manhattan (my ultimate dream came true)

2012 – all year round living in UWS

2013 – still living in UWS

Winter 2014 – spring 2014 – still living in UWS while looking for another apartment in Queens

End of spring 2014 – moved to Sunnyside part of Queens

Summer, fall, winter 2014 – living in Sunnyside

Winter 2015 – still in Sunnyside.

Let’s see where i’m gonna be end up next. Queens? Manhattan? Brooklyn?

Stay tune!

your’s truly:)

1st impression



or whatever you call it…

thanks for stopping by. I used to blog about fashion and lifestyle but i stopped for a while. Trust me, life has been so difficult for me – i basically risked everything to fulfill my own goals and dreams. I left my comfort zone to start a new phase of life in a new country.

and Thank God, i survived!

yes, i survive the worse  and i have managed to overcome any of the obstacles.

And yes, i am one step closer to put my own name in this city.

A city where they always say : concrete buildings where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do

oh well, what am i blurbing about?

so thank you for stopping by and i hope you enjoy this blog! Till then, folks! 🙂

Your’s Truly!