Goodbye FAO Schwarz: and updates!

This could be categorized as a late post because the beloved FAO Schwarz is no longer there in the heart of New York City – Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue and 58th street. This unique and oldest toy store in the world has closed its’ door for good although we are still hoping for reopening soon. That is if its’ parent company, Toys R Us, actually sign the lease for that building around Times Square.

Updated: just browsed through the news and found this information from regarding the lease:

“No deal for FAO Schwarz. The now homeless toy store was just a week away from closing on a new space at Paramount Group’s 2.5-million-square-foot office tower at 1633 Broadway, before it all fell apart.

A source close to the negotiations told the New York Observer that the 40,000-square-foot space at 1633 Broadway has returned to the market with an asking price of $4 million.

Last month, FAO Schwarz left its longtime home in the General Motors Building at 767 Fifth Avenue. It isn’t yet clear why the lease deal fell apart. [NYO] –Christopher Cameron [NYO] –”

If FAO can’t find any permanent home sometime soon, less likely we are going to experience again the famous BIG PIANO, the humungous stuffed animals that are only unique to FAO, and no more selfies or wefies or laughing with the toy soldiers. 😦

Last month I had the chance to visit FAO for two days (including the night they closed on 7/15/15) and took tons of pictures and also mingled with the employees and the customers. It’s been a month since the closing and every time I pass by the now-closed store, I feel sad literally because the iconic toy store is no longer there and it kinda proves prediction that more kids are going to be ignoring ‘real toy’ and devote themselves to tablets and digital toys.

Even though there are already plenty of posts or news about FAO’s closing, I’d like to share what I have captured with you!


I love Giraffe in general and only at FAO I could find this huge almost life sized giraffe.



This beautiful Tiger costs a fortune but the craftsmanship is undoubtedly the best!



This orangutan probably saying: “I am so tired already I feel like going somewhere.”




For Lego fans out there… (yea you can still find these at their Lego’s store)





So surreal! 🙂 can’t afford them tho 😛



Barbie seems so yesterday if you can afford these dolls!



With such detail and design, this Isaac Mizrahi doll is more than a doll — it’s a work of art!



Another Isaac Mizrahi doll that costs pretty much a new Louis Vuitton speedy bag! 😉



Anybody want to take a ride?!



And who could even forget this piano from Tom Hanks’ BIG movie?!



Taken on 7/14/15. Kinda crowded that day consider every body was trying to get the receipt from FAO or at least a FAO shopping bag.



Selfie (or wefie) with one of the Toy Soldier. 🙂





The announcement that left every toy fans sad and crushed. 😦



Goodbye Toy Soldiers! 😦 dunno when we’re gonna be able to see you guys around again 😦



And… officially closed 😦





Yes, there is still to shop but…

It is an online shop.

I can’t touch or feel or experience the same thing.

I feel lost. Like sometimes the website or connection may experience crash or tech difficulties.

I can no longer wander around and just enjoy being a young at heart without even purchasing anything.

No more goofing around with the Toy Soldiers.

And so on, and so on…

P.S.: I bought something special for my boo and I the day it closed. boo loved it, i loved it. I will try to share them with you.

Goodbye FAO Schwarz. Hopefully you will find a new home soon!

Yours Truly 🙂