My Show Review: New York Spring Spectacular 2015

P.S: I know this post will sound a little bit old but better late than never, right?

Anyway, last April I had a chance to actually watch The Rockettes plus Laura Benanti and Derek Hough in the show called “New York Spring Spectacular” which I heard was so well demanded that they actually added more dates to extend the show. Unfortunately for that night, no Derek Hough present so he was replaced with another performer who did a very good job.

To be honest with you, the story was rather cheesy and predictable with the main casts were the protagonist and antagonist. Derek was the protagonist one while Laura was the antagonist. Laura Benanti plays as Janet who runs this multi billion dollars company and was contemplating whether she had to fire the old guy or give him a chance. of course in the end we knew what happen with the old guy. (still in the company and Janet turned into a better person).





Me with one of the Rockettes girl. Noticed how tall she was?! lol I looked like a midget!


Yes the story might be a bit cheesy and boring but the Rockettes and the other casts performance was jaw dropping awesome! I mean, I have no idea how many hours those girls needed to rehearse the movements in the show but I gotta say: KUDOS! Now i know why a lot of female dancers wanted to be in the Rockettes. It was more than just a dance or a show — they are the show! And if you have seen the Christmas Spectacular featuring The Rockettes during Christmas time then by any means this one was totally different! different because they suited the theme with spring season and added more special effects (real rain drops onto the stage, bright LED, even interactive session with the audience). I was also given a 3D paper glass which I used during certain sequence but i felt that it was not really worth the experience.

I am not sure whether they will continue on doing this show next Spring 2016 but if they do and you happen to visit NYC sometime from March 20th till May 7th 2016, then reserve your ticket and see this show! This is definitely a show that will please all ages!

My rating meter: 8/10

P.S: normally tickets range from $40 until $190 but they have what is called in advance purchase if you subscribe to either Ticketmaster or the Radio City Music Hall newsletter. I personally got my orchestra level ticket for around $50ish after tax and stuff so it was a real deal bargain consider orchestra level ticket costs around $90-190.

Yours Truly 🙂