TFD discovered: RATATOUILLE!

Strangely enough, they are quite friendly!

Don’t get me wrong tho, they are gross yes but they don’t bother you at all!

Just Ratatouille family lookin for some scraps!


Yours Truly 🙂


Live away from Manhattan? Good luck!

We New Yorkers are born tough.

We New Yorkers love using our feet to go almost anywhere.


We despise the subway system runs by Metropolitan Transit Authority aka MTA. Why? Just take a look at these notifications:






What sucks is that, if you are already underground then less likely you will be connected to the wifi and you will ended up getting stuck AT LEAST ten minutes because either there is a train traffic or signal malfunction problems.

So, it is our breakfast every single day as a New Yorker to always check on website and we always pray / fingers crossed that the announcement won’t be something like this picture:

Yes, that’s how tough we are.

and to those New Yorkers who live in Manhattan, just be thankful to yourselves! At least you don’t have to suffer as much as we do.

Yours Truly 🙂

Ps: suddenly i miss my old UWS neighborhood. I’ll be back and live there again someday! I promise!


I feel the need to upload this.

POTD – Picture Of The Day

today’s potd is…


MTA’s always one step ahead in improving the service – NOT!

The beloved MTA’s construction car and the workers.

Supposedly they were doing construction work on the weekend for 7 line BUT as we all know how MTA was, plenty of time to work later on but first things first – chit chattering while munching the donuts and sipping hot cuppa joe…

Isn’t life beautiful?!?

meanwhile, there has been a rumor that they’re gonna raise the fare again to $3.15 — yeah right!

Ah well, never a dull moment!

Till next time, fellas! Yours truly 🙂