The Foodie Duos: Just A Lil Bit of Sweet N Salty

Hi again!

As I am (still) writing for those TFD trips story in my draft, I decided to just upload videos that were recorded way back when. I know it’s not full review of TFD (more like Mukbang if you can call that :P) but hey, that’s our purpose to make you guys drool LOL.

So anyhoo, this time we were just enjoying some light dinner and some (not so light) snacks afterwards. And since it was early September so CC bought a big box of Moon Cakes to share.

Mangia Mangia!

Happy drooling πŸ˜‰

Yours Truly πŸ™‚

For related video regarding to Krispy:



as I am writing this, I am drooling for a plate of momo.

plenty of words to describe about how unique Nepalese/Tibetan cuisines are. delicious, yes. exotic, yes. mind-blowing, heck yes. rest assured, it’ll broaden your horizon. unfortunately though, I haven’t tasted their signature dish – YAK meat. someday BB and I will def come back just for the YAK. ya-ca-dee-yakkk!!!

enough of my lame intro, just watch the video πŸ™‚

happy drooling, peeps! will see you guys soon on our next TFD episode! πŸ™‚

ps: this is where they filmed one of the scene from Ugly Betty TV series.

Himalayan Yak
72-20 Roosevelt Ave, Jackson Heights, NY 11372
Nearest Transit:Β 74th Jackson Heights – Roosevelt Av station (7,E,F,M,R trains), 69th Fisk Av station – 7 train, Q32&Q47buses

Yours Truly πŸ™‚


BB and I love Indian Food. However, finding an authentic Indian place around NYC is a daunting task. why daunting? well, almost all claim that they offer the best Indian food but most of the time they fail to impress. ask some of the Indian students who came from IndiaΒ and you’ll know what I am talking about.

anyway, we were starving that night but we wanted to eat something different. with the help of Google and Yelp (thank God for those two lol), we found a small yet promising place called Seva in Astoria. funny that I actually have been bookmarking this place for the longest time but never had the chance to try it. πŸ˜€

want to know whether the place deserves a come back? watch the video to find out! πŸ™‚

Address: 30-07 34th St, Astoria, NY, 11103
Nearest Transit: N & Q TrainsΒ – 30TH AVENUE station, Q18 buses

Yours Truly πŸ™‚


The Foodie Duos: Japanese All The Way / TJ Asian Bistro / Japanese Snacks

Hello Hello! Long time no see!

As I am writing down the behind-the-scene stories related to summer break trip, let me present you with the latest food video.

yea not really like latest but better late than never!

this place is not really new as I always order for delivery once or twice a week for their cheap lunch special. BB already had a chance of tasting their food too but he never dine in there.
since we were starving so we decided to just stay local in Queens and chose this place instead. πŸ™‚

happy drooling!

Yours Truly πŸ™‚


The Foodie Duos: CAFE LALO for DESSERTS!

Diet starts tomorrow.

or at least that’s what in CC’s mind LOL.

After the nice Italian feast at Bellini, BB and CC decided to walk around. CC asked BB if he wanted to go to Amorino but alas, Amorino closed early (dang them LOL) so they went to their favorite cafe instead.

what else than the romantic Cafe Lalo.

always save a room for dessert, guys!

Yours Truly πŸ™‚

The Foodie Duos: Italian Feast at BELLINI

before I continue, most of the videos that I uploaded and posted here were all recorded wayyy back during spring.
I have tonsss of videos that I need to edit and they take time to be compiled into a beautiful masterpiece.

yes, when I say masterpiece I mean I am that perfectionist when it comes to editing. I don’t have any Adobe application for the moment so bear with me with the slow progress.


BB already treatedΒ me steak for our anniversary dinner. Now it is my turn to treat him.


Yours Truly πŸ™‚

CC The Foodie Duos: Oaxaca Part 2!

I love Mexican Food. I really do.

In fact, one of my quick go-to meal that I can easily prepare at home without wasting too much time is Mexican food.

However tho, certain Mexican foods are so time consuming that I’d rather get them somewhere else.

like enchiladas.

I like quesadillas but I find enchiladas to be much more flavorful. even in terms of presentation.

I have watched dozens of videos on how to make enchiladas. I will definitely make my own someday when I have a lot of spare time.

in the mean time, allow me to share with you the enchiladas that I got from Oaxaca (read: o-a-ha-ka) Taqueria in UWS. I got the shrimp one. I love the enchiladas. It was not 10/10 however taste wise, I’d definitely come back for more.

happy drooling!

Yours Truly πŸ™‚