Lazy Bum Mode

Hi guys,

I am still in the lazy bum mode.

I will try to resume writing a.s.a.p


TFD (The Foodie Duos) just got a new present:

Enjoy the video and I will see you guys soon!


yours truly šŸ™‚


Lately I have been…

Lately I have been going to Korean market A LOT! Like twice or three times a week. I am not Korean but for some reason I am a devout fan of Korean food.

don’t tell that to my pop. he’ll freak out and will probably start cursing me. lol.

I even had breakfast from Korean bakery and lunch from Korean fast food joint. šŸ˜€

Lately I have been having terrible sleeping pattern. And no joke, I was already laying down on my bed but damn it was so hard to fell asleep. I sleep better whenever I see boo. could it be i am having a separation anxiety disorder?! who knows! I am trying so hard to sleep earlier but there’s always certain things that prevented me from doing so. Like for instance, I accidentally fell asleep or nap in the evening after i came home then woke up hours later and did not sleep till like 2 or 3. Hate that! or sometimes when I watch YouTube videos on my smartphone. man i cannot resist myself not to watch something at least an hour per day — as if it has become a drug to me.

Oh well. I just have to change this habit.

And yes, I need to get back to cooking again. Just had a series of diarrhea since last Sunday. Thank God i did not get a severe food poisoning. Not gonna tell from where I had it but yes lesson learned.

And yes, Giveaway will be there. I will post it a.s.a.p!

Till then! Yours Truly šŸ™‚

Things You Can Learn From James Bond (Spectre version)

Things you can learn from James Bond (Spectre version):
1. It’s always ok to immediately bang the damsel in distress however it’ll take time to get in bed with a smarter one (or so lol)
2. Alcohol is not always available at every bar. Instead, they will try to keep you healthy with green smoothies šŸ˜‰
3. Tangier is indeed a romantic city to spend your Honeymoon and to come back again and again each year no matter how crap the accomodation is
4. If Q can actually hack information from the spectre ring then next time i’ll try to give him the precious ring from Bilbo so i can have info about Middle Earth and its citizen
5. Avoid traveling to Mexico city during the day of the dead if you have a phobia to skeleton. You’ll only get yourself trapped amongst humans who dressed like one.

anything else? Feel free to add in the comment section šŸ™‚

Yours Truly šŸ™‚

Some Tidbits About Me

  1. I love shopping (why,of course!) but nothing is more indulging than scoring the deal of the day from the local grocery store which i know that later i can cook and enjoy it as my dinner meal without guilt šŸ™‚
  2. I have quite an “orgasmic” thing with food. There are times when i am feeling so satisfied after just scrolling down pictures of foods on instagram, yelp, blogs, and so on.
  3. i can never say no to a piping hot mom’s chicken soup. If there is one food left on earth and i have to eat, then it’d better be that!
  4. unlike most of my family members, i am not lactose intollerant. Even long before i knew about European delicacies, my comfort food were always anything dairy like milk, cheese, eggs, and all that stuff. Mom said even when we went for a short trip, i’d always look for cold cuts and yogurts for breakfast.
  5. i love my Mortadella! Period!
  6. i do not have sweet tooth so please bear with me if i am not eagerly excited if you post cakes. I love cakes, pies, and stuff but as Nigella herself said in her book, my tongue is super sensitive and picky when it comes to dessert. I can sense from far whether a restaurant or a diner has good sweet desserts or not.
  7. i can eat sorbet/ice cream/gelato/fruit bar/popsickle and call it a dinner. Yes, i mean it.
  8. i am what they called adaptable. I tend to adjust to new place easier whether it’s new language or new culture.
  9. I don’t like rain. Period. F**k rain! Whoever said it is always romantic to be kissed in the rain — trust me it’s not!
  10. I love cold weather. Fall is good but winter is better! I love it when the temp hits below freezing or even subzero. I know, i know, some of you are already hating me for saying this. Oh well.

that’s all folks! See ya later on my next post!

ps: Puh-lease, pretty please! Dump snow in NYC ASAP!

Yours Truly šŸ™‚