QMOTD: Gyro from The Halal Guys

For those of you who are not aware of this establishment or are new to the New York Culinary World, let me just say that this is one of the guilty pleasure meal that you need to have at least ONCE in your life! πŸ™‚

They even have couple of competitors (or should I say impostors) bearing the same name just few feet away from their original location. And even an ‘unofficial’ branches outside the country. πŸ˜‰

So famous that they decided to open a brick and mortar place in the Upper West Side and couple more locations in the city! Hooray! (Well i have known itΒ for quite some time, I just had a chance to actually review this lol)

Name? The Halal GuysΒ (check their website for another locations)

Where?Β 720 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10025 (Nearest Transit: 96th St 1,2,3 Trains, M7-M96-M11-M106 buses)

Hours: Mon – Sun 10PM – 2AM

Type: gyro, kebab, lamb, chicken, falafel, pita sandwich

$ meter: $

Reservation: No

Extra notes: credit card accepted, average seating, open late

What I ordered? combo gyro over rice (beef and chicken)


order and pick up section


small size combo over rice with lots of white sauce and hot sauce! =) $6.99


There won’t be any sum up or conclusion because to be freakin honest with you all, a gyro over rice from this place is always gonna make you come back for more. I am not talking like addictive craving the next day or so (although this has happened to some few people out there) but there will be a time when you are so hungry you just want a quick chicken or lamb or beef over rice with that delicious white/hot sauce, a slice of pita, and a dollops of salad. I always go to their Upper West Side location because it is the closest from where my school is however the taste is exactly the same like you would order from the ‘famous’ street cart place on 53rd and 6th. the staffs were very friendly they even didn’t charge me extra if i want a lot of onions on my rice bowl toppings.

So yes, if you come and visit NYC, this meal is definitely A MUST HAVE at least once! πŸ˜€

Yours Truly πŸ™‚


Quick Meal Of The Day: Udon from Raku

In order to fulfill the request from some of the peeps out there, I decided to create a new category for food porn galore.

We welcome QMOTD aka Quick Meal Of The Day!

The post that lies under this category will be short and simple. There’ll be no video (most likely will never be) but there will be snap shots of the food. Information regarding the food and the restaurant will be given however I will keep it as short as possible!

So, let’s start!

Name? RAKU

Where? 342 E 6TH ST, New York, NY, 10003

Hours: 12 PM to 11 PM Mon – Sun

Type: Japanese, Udon, Snacks, donburi, noodle

$ meter: $$

Reservation: No

Extra notes: Cash Only, Small Place, Cramped, Not good for parties over 4.

What I ordered? Kamonan Udon – $ 18


Kamonan Udon from RAKU


Kamonan Udon – duck and negi/scallion


To Sum Up: tasty udon, tasty broth, tender finger licking good duck breast. very generous with scallion, a good hearty portion for this cold winter day/night. best udon I have ever had in a while despite the fact that I am more of a ramen girl.

Conclusion: I WILL BE BACK!

Yours Truly πŸ™‚