Hello everyone, how you doin?

Sorry for the uber late post and update. I have sent the gifts to all the Christmas giveaway winners so if anyone of you have receive them, let me know in the comment box below. I hope you guys enjoy the gifts!

Speaking of gifts, how’s your Valentine’s day this year? For me, this year’s Valentine was a semi special. Why? because at one point BB had already prepare a special night out at this nice Southern place but we were stuck in a horrific traffic so we had to cancel it. And what sucks is that it was on a Sunday afternoon! We were swearing like crazy in the car consider how packed up the highway that day!

But of course there was a sweet ending to that! BB gave me the best Valentine’s gift ever. Nope, not a diamond, not a car, but something that we would cherish for the rest of our lives.

Those were lovely but not those. LOL.

Curious enough?

Ok. Ok.

A night with Michael Bolton.

Yeap, there ya go! Michael Bolton’s concert on February 19th 2017.

For those of you who do not know me that well, I am gonna spill a secret. I have been a fan of Bolton since I was in elementary school. Yea yea, I am an old school persona and I still think he’s hot even at the ripe age of 64! Ok, don’t tell BB that LOL but seriously he still has the voice, the charm, and the… (ok enough :P). And that Sunday night concert prove it.

The interior of the newly renovated St. George Theatre in Staten Island, NY

BB lookin dashin handsome (as always!) 😉

The same dress I wore to Il Trovatore in Oct 2015 LOL

Bolton and his back vocalist, Sam Fly (or so I have heard :P)

Ay, even at 64 he is still lookin hot! 😀

So Bolton sang most of his 80s and 90s hits including How Am I Supposed To Live Without You, When A Man Loves A Woman, Steel Bars, Said I Loved You But I Lied, How Can We Be Lovers, Sittin On A Dock OF The Bay, as well as his songs from his latest CD “Songs of Cinema”. BB and I really enjoyed the concert although I must say I was sorta bummed because he did not sing Go The Distance because I have been waiting for him to actually perform it. Another bummer was that when he performed When A Man Loves A Woman. Bolton always surprised his fans during his concert but this time around he only came from one side of the guest entrance (not from the middle part of the seating section) so I could not take a much closer picture with my camera. Unlike Singapore’s concert in 2009 which I also attended, he basically just stayed in one side then went back to the stage. This left most of the viewers on the other side (including me) blocked from seeing or taking pictures of him. I was also surprised that he did not sing songs from his 2009 album “One World One Love” but I guess it was understandable consider he needed to prioritize his latest album first.

Despite those glitches, BB and I really enjoyed our night out together and I eventually made him like Bolton now. LOL. The day did not start smooth but the evening concert really paid off. Oh and btw, don’t expect too many pictures or videos from the concert because I am not the type of person who would glue to her cell or camera from beginning till the end. When I go to a concert or Broadway play or Opera, I want to enjoy it as much as I can. Bolton did not mind the audience taking videos or photos tho but to me I’d rather take couple of mementos and hear him sings because hey, the show is not free! 😉


Yours Truly 🙂

P.S.: incase you are wondering, we only went to a small Bar and Grill to eat before the show. Nothing fancy really just a pierogies and Jamaican pork sandwiches with fries.


Around NYC: What’s Interesting According To CC

CC is always in the move therefore she (and of course BB) always capture whatever attracts her eyes.

Like these videos for instance:

warning: some of the videos may be very irritating to those who are on a diet. apologies in advance 😀

so how are you guys doing?

Hello July. We are officially halfway through the end of 2016.

excited? sad?

gimme your thoughts on that. would love to read them!

till then, see you guys later!

Yours Truly 🙂


Christila Watched: Andrea Bocelli @ MSG 12/9/2015

Trying to get a break from all the food posts…LOL

Anyway, yes I went to see Andrea Bocelli at Madison Square Garden last week. I desperately needed a break from all these horrendous work piles and project piles. I was already aware about his concert in New York since last summer but not until like early week of Thanksgiving that I actually managed to get ticket.

Procrastinating much?

Asked boo whether he wanted to go but since it was on weekday (damn i know sooo frigging annoyed) he told me that work might be a lil bit hectic so he could not guarantee. in the end i actually purchased and paid the ticket like 3 days before the concert but it was hard work paid off because 97% seats were already sold out. most of the remaining seats were either at the Chase lounge (which i am not a member of Chase anyhow), at the back of the section, at the floor section with hideous prices, or at the rear side stages. Stubhub is another option for resale tickets but some of the prices were just beyond senses — i saw a floor ticket costs $3,000! LOL — might as well just buy Chanel boy and resale it later 😉 I did not like purchasing tickets thru Stubhub so I looked again at Ticketmaster and was surprised that they still had the remaining re seller tickets on the side stage area. However, some of the tickets were only sold in pair of 2 or 4 so i was literally like giving up. I prayed and was like “okay God, if it was not meant to be then so be it.” refresh and refresh and all of a sudden, bingo! I found one row that allowed me to purchase single ticket! I was so happy and in matter of minutes, i paid and secured myself a ticket!

But sometimes things were not meant to run smooth at all!


the banner on top of the ceiling

I arrived in front of MSG at around 7.10 pm (concert supposed to start at 7.30) and was immediately greeted with massive amount of people lining. My first thought was like “oh ok, well MSG is big i guess there was another play or concert going on”. nope baby! after asking to 3 different people whether they have a different type of tickets, the answer is – No! We were all in line for the security check! it took me at least 20 mins from the foyer of MSG up to the front of the metal detector. unbelievable! After the security check, i went to the merchandise section to buy the concert program. stupid me, should just bought that later after the concert instead! got my program, ran a little to the left since the clock was around 7.37 ish and lined up again for ticket scanning. at this time, i was so upset and call of nature started to bug me in this inappropriate time! They scanned my ticket and boomed — the guy said “oh you are just one?” i said “yeah, why?” he said “you need to go to the ticket booth, looks like they have re seated you”. in my mind i was like “God please, let me just watch Bocelli and stop this nuisance!”.

So i went back to the ticket booth (or at least what it looks like — too many signage here and there) and i saw an ample of people also lining up with their tickets. I gave the guy my ticket and he was like “hmm, you are by yourself?” and i was like “yeah” to which he kinda gave me the confusing look and said “lemme see if i can give you a better seat”. he took my ticket, went to the back, looked thru the tickets back and forth, grabbed an envelope, and minutes later came back with a new printed ticket. he said “you are gonna be at the floor level, miss. the view is gonna be much much better than the other section. go to your right and fast, ok? enjoy the show!”. without any cue, i dashed thru the remaining crowd, got my ticket scanned, went up to the escalator, and boomed — stupid me again continued! I went up to the 100-200 section instead of the floor level so i had to go back to the floor using the emergency exit stair to which i was already anxious cause the clock was already 7.41. unfortunately after getting in thru the floor level door, i still had to go to the loo so i used the restroom as fast as I could and immediately ran to the seating section. I already heard him singing and I was like “damn, i missed his opening act!” but then this nice man helped me get to my seat in matter of seconds. i have to applaud ushers who work in big arena like MSG because they know seating layout by heart. lol.

So i sat on my seat and i heard a familiar tune from Il Trovatore (from the opera boo and i saw last Oct). it took me 10 seconds to realized that I had just been given a great seat that it would costs me at least $500. I stopped complaining after that and just enjoyed the music he delivered.


just blessed!

one thing that I really loved about Andrea Bocelli is that he always made a surprise on his show. Like his first concert that I saw last June 2013 in Newark, New Jersey, he introduced new soprano, new musician, and Fantasia Burano as his guest. He was not even that selfish to actually acknowledged the other musicians. On this concert he brought along a famous flute player from Italy (forgot his name, should check on the program), a soprano named Aida Garifullina, a marvelous violinist (again forgot her name), a singer named Heather Headley, and of course the famous Eugene Kohn as the conductor together with NY choir orchestra.

Oh, since I am not really a camera whore when I watch a concert so don’t expect tons of pictures. I went to a concert to enjoy the music and the singer, not to take billions of pictures and waste the memory card and battery. I took a glimpse of pictures with my iPhone and took a lil bit with my Canon as well.


Ave Maria

And of course aside from all the special musicians he brought along, he also had a special guest that night. In my mind i was like, what? another one? hmm.. wonder who the special guest was while thinking of some names…

Eugene: tonight there will be another special guest. a well known soprano. she has performed at the white house, won numerous awards, performed at the super bowl.

Me: hmm, super bowl, soprano, could it be HER?! (Renee Fleming) — already feeling ecstatic

Eugene: Andrea you want to tell them yourself?

Andrea: ladies and gentlemen. my friend, Renee Fleming!

Me: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…. (went crazy for like 15 seconds!)


Andrea and Renee 😉




moon river


New York, New York


so how’s the concert? Well, as a devout Bocelli fan, I was very very pleased and happy with the concert. In total there were 25 songs (including encore where he sang Con Te Partiro and Nessun Dorma) and all of them were performed beautifully. the musician guests did amazing job especially the soprano Aida and Heather. when Aida sang Je Veux Vivre it feels like I was transformed into a magical place in France. When Renee and Andrea sang Libiamo, I could not stop humming. It was just too pretty. And when Heather belted that notes on Somewhere Over The Rainbow, I immediately felt goosebumps and thought “wow, if only all the people in the world living life in peace then earth will definitely be a better place”. And of course both the violinist and flute player were incredible in their own way. The costumes for the ladies were beautiful too! I could not stop looking at Aida’s gowns lol! First act from his concert was mostly about opera songs so those who were not familiar would be having a bit tough time to follow. second act was more of contemporary and also to introduced his latest CD called ‘Cinema’ which basically is a compilation of famous soundtracks sang by Bocelli with guest stars.

If you are an Andrea Bocelli fan, you definitely have to see his show at least once in your lifetime! Even if you are not a fan, seeing him performing LIVE is definitely a mind blowing experience as his show always offers a pleasant experience for everybody!

Here’s a lil bit video from that night! enjoy! 😉

Yours Truly 🙂


My Broadway Show Review: Living On Love

After the not-so-important post last weekend, I decided to return to my normal writing habit. 🙂

Yeah, as if I am always writing in a normal writing habit. 😛

So last month on 5/2/2015 boo and I spent our Saturdate by watching a Broadway show called “Living on Love“. I heard about this show like 2 months before from Renee Fleming’s page announcement and was so excited that I made a promise I would save a lot and take boo with me to see the show. Funny thing was, boo actually was aware of my love to Renee Fleming and when he asked whether I wanted to see the show, well without a doubt I said “YES” in excitement. 😉

Off we went to Longacre Theatre at 220 West 48TH Street.

As soon as we arrived, the show was already started about 5 minutes and we were rushed to our seats which were located on the Mezzanine level. The view of the stage was not obstructed at all and if there is a word to describe the set then it would be this Italian word that I really loved: BELLISSIMO 😉 the attention of detail for the apartment set was so amazing — the sofas, the glass cabinet display, the chair, the mini chandelier, the foyer. Oh my, I wish I study theater production right now LOL.

Oh in case you are wondering what the show is about, then here is a synopsis I took from site: Living on Love tells the story of celebrated diva Raquel DeAngelis. When her husband, the fiery and egomaniacal Maestro Vito DeAngelis, becomes enamored with the lovely young lady hired to ghostwrite his long-delayed autobiography, Rachel retaliates by hiring her very own—and very handsome—ghostwriter to chronicle her life as an opera star. Sparks fly, silverware is thrown, and romance blossoms.

So how’s the overall show?

OMG, this must be the funniest Broadway show I have ever seen in my life. Okay, I probably exaggerate a lil bit on this but seriously, who would ever thought that the opera diva Renee Fleming can be so charming yet funny at the same time?! I loved her performance and her flirtatious personality. Douglas Sills who played her husband was also another funny yet charming character. The other actors were Jerry O’Connell and Anna Chlumsky. They did a very good job as well.

Unfortunately, as they said, show business is tough. That night the seats were not full house and the show closed on May 3rd 2015 after like just about two or three weeks. I felt so unfair because I think all of the casts did a wonderful job but yeah, maybe their marketing strategy is not strong enough to attract Broadway fans who are accustomed with lots of songs and musics.


The end of the show. Renee was hilarious!


The Diva herself. and the gang. LOL


Douglas and Jerry were trying to be goofy LOL


Boo and I after the show.


And of course, selfie is a must 😀

Funny thing was after we took the selfie in front of the banner, boo heard a noise coming from the other side of the entrance. When we looked to see what was happening, Jerry O’Connell came outside and started taking pictures and signing autographs for some of the fans. We definitely did not want to miss it so we waited for about 10 minutes until we finally got his autograph and a selfie with him 🙂


Jerry with boo and I. Jerry was such a charming person he literally grabbed my phone and took like 6 selfies with us. 🙂

And then, moment of truth! Renee came outside and I could not help myself not to jump or cry in joy. I was literally excited because I have been a fan of her since I was in high school. Of course I still have my love for Sarah Brightman 😉 but yeah we should not have limitation on singers. Ms. Fleming was surprisingly very patient and she took time to chat with the fans and did not feel pressure when one of the guy beside us gave her like 8 DVDs to sign. When she approached me and signed the playbill, I told her I missed her during the Met Opera season and she said she will definitely be back performing maybe next year. Funny thing, she accidentally signed my iPhone screen and I realized that later when I had dinner with boo 😀


Such a sweet person! Thank you Renee 🙂

Now Douglas Sills is one hell funny guy! No kidding, he came back to me twice because I asked him for a picture when he signed the playbill. He said: “ah we should take a proper picture, i will come back to you later” — which he did. I asked him several questions regarding the character and some of the props used on stage especially the maple syrup that he poured on top of his hair. He said: “nah, it was actually a conditioner.” LOL


Boo. me . and Douglas Sills.


The playbill. We were definitely fortunate and blessed that night!

I wish that the show is still playing right now because I will not hesitate to watch it again but oh well — maybe next time I will see them again in a different play. Thank you Kathleen Marshall for directing a marvelous and funny play that boo and I really enjoyed! And thank you to all the casts who did excellent job in this play!

P.S.: if you are wondering whatever happen to Anna Chlumsky after the show, well, turns out she did not come outside. Security said she left early but that’s alright. Maybe some other time 😉

Yours Truly 🙂

My Show Review: New York Spring Spectacular 2015

P.S: I know this post will sound a little bit old but better late than never, right?

Anyway, last April I had a chance to actually watch The Rockettes plus Laura Benanti and Derek Hough in the show called “New York Spring Spectacular” which I heard was so well demanded that they actually added more dates to extend the show. Unfortunately for that night, no Derek Hough present so he was replaced with another performer who did a very good job.

To be honest with you, the story was rather cheesy and predictable with the main casts were the protagonist and antagonist. Derek was the protagonist one while Laura was the antagonist. Laura Benanti plays as Janet who runs this multi billion dollars company and was contemplating whether she had to fire the old guy or give him a chance. of course in the end we knew what happen with the old guy. (still in the company and Janet turned into a better person).





Me with one of the Rockettes girl. Noticed how tall she was?! lol I looked like a midget!


Yes the story might be a bit cheesy and boring but the Rockettes and the other casts performance was jaw dropping awesome! I mean, I have no idea how many hours those girls needed to rehearse the movements in the show but I gotta say: KUDOS! Now i know why a lot of female dancers wanted to be in the Rockettes. It was more than just a dance or a show — they are the show! And if you have seen the Christmas Spectacular featuring The Rockettes during Christmas time then by any means this one was totally different! different because they suited the theme with spring season and added more special effects (real rain drops onto the stage, bright LED, even interactive session with the audience). I was also given a 3D paper glass which I used during certain sequence but i felt that it was not really worth the experience.

I am not sure whether they will continue on doing this show next Spring 2016 but if they do and you happen to visit NYC sometime from March 20th till May 7th 2016, then reserve your ticket and see this show! This is definitely a show that will please all ages!

My rating meter: 8/10

P.S: normally tickets range from $40 until $190 but they have what is called in advance purchase if you subscribe to either Ticketmaster or the Radio City Music Hall newsletter. I personally got my orchestra level ticket for around $50ish after tax and stuff so it was a real deal bargain consider orchestra level ticket costs around $90-190.

Yours Truly 🙂

Happy (Belated) Birthday Karen Carpenter!


11 Days ago, you would have turned 64.

11 Days ago, you would have celebrated your birthday with Richard and your beloved fans.

11 Days ago, you probably would have performed at CBS or NBC or ABC – possibly “Close To You” or “Superstar” as the selected songs.

11 Days ago, I probably would be glueing to my laptop or tablet or TV recording your video and then upload it to my website or my YouTube account. Or as if I am too imaginative, I probably would have meet you somewhere for a meet and greet and have my CDs signed and take pictures with you.

Unfortunately, that will never happen 😦

You were taken so fast, I was not even born yet when you passed away.

But one thing for sure, I grew up listening to your music. I grew up watching your music videos and sometimes pretended to be you with my microphone in my hand. (Superstar mode on)

I always thought, God she and Richard were so awesome together!

I even had my haircut looks like you too.

Oh Karen, how I wish you were still here.

This post is dedicated to you, Karen.

Happy Birthday Karen! 🙂

P.S.: learn more about Karen here

Yours Truly 🙂

Renee Fleming – Ave Maria

Last Thursday was a sad day for Catholics in NYC. They lost a dearly beloved Cardinal. Cardinal Egan.

Cardinal Egan was the Archbishop of New York from 2000 to 2009.

Not just among Catholics, Cardinal Egan was also famous among all New Yorkers. Even though I have not moved here during his days as the Archbishop, I admired him for his devout faith and work for Christ.

The mass at St. Patrick’s was broadcasted on CBS2 and Renee Fleming was the appointed singer for the funeral mass. She sang Ave Maria and lo and behold it was so beautiful I nearly cried. I recorded some parts of the songs with my iPhone so I am trying to share the video with you even though the quality might be disappointing for some.

Nevertheless, please enjoy this song. I guarantee you will love it. And hopefully you will start growing to love Renee Fleming as much as I do. 🙂


Yours Truly 🙂

In Sleep He Sang To Me, In Dreams He Came…

That voice which calls to me, and speaks my name.

If you are not familiar with those lyric, then I suggest you to listen to the song. The original one. The one that was sung by Sarah Brightman and Michael Crawford.

Not the current Broadway cast recordings or the 2004 film version of it.

Let me guess, still confused with what I am talking about?


a. They are the original casts
b. Andrew Lloyd Webber specifically wrote the music for both of them (even though this was more to Sarah)
c. They have the best chemistry in terms of performances
d. And yes, they are the original (again!)

Yes everybody is entitled to their own opinion but a lot of Phantom fans are so judgmental; thinking that Crawford’s voice was too creepy for the role. I mean, hello? Isn’t Phantom supposedly to be dark and scary? What do you expect? Justin Timberlake’s voice or Adam Levine?

And don’t start with the whole “Sarah’s voice is too mature and strong for a girl like Christine” discussion. Andrew himself wrote the part for her and yes, even if Christine is only a teenager, a soprano can have mature voice regardless of age. Whether she is a lyric soprano or coloratura soprano, she is still a soprano.

Okay, this post seems kinda weird for you but yeah, just trying to share what I love. I love The Phantom of the Opera. I love Broadway musicals. I love theater and performing arts.

One of my favorite song.

Yours Truly 🙂

Feeling Nostalgic: 2006 Songs

I’ll add new category in this blog called “feeling nostalgic”

this time, I am taking you guys back to the year 2006.  A year when everything happened and gradually changed my life. moved to another house for a temporary amount of time, turmoil inside the family, happiness and sadness in school life but thankfully the music was still upbeat and great (if i can say better than nowadays).

I am by any chance not a fan of Nelly Furtado but when i downloaded and listened this song for the first time, it kept playing inside my head like literally the next hour and even the next days. the beat is just awesome even though some people complained about the unnecessary ‘hey’ in the background vocal.

FIFA world cup 2006 in Germany is and by far the best World Cup I have ever experienced and watched. Overall matches were excellent, including the soundtrack itself. This is the official theme for FIFA WC 2006 and the beat, the lyric, the artist — complete excellence!

As i have mentioned, WC 2006 soundtrack consists of great songs including this one by Il Divo and Toni Braxton. Eventually this song is like a must played whenever i started my day in the morning before i went to school.

Surely Il Divo was the highlight of WC 2006 because not only once but two times they recorded song for the soundtrack. This song performed with Celine Dion was written so beautifully that it could be a reminder to all of us that no matter how big your dream is, you must never give up to chase it. Unlike Time of Our Lives, i prefer to play this song at night because it just gives you the ‘calm nerve’ effect. dunno bout you guys but that’s just me.

Ok. I am not a big ‘dance/techno’ fan but for some reason I enjoyed this song A LOT! like literally, all the radios at that time played this song every single day.

Again, I am not a fan of artist like Black Eyed Peas but this song is just great and really boost your mood especially before you start your daily activities.

I am a fan of James Bond movies and its soundtracks (quite odd for a female of course) and when I heard about Daniel Craig as the new James Bond replacing Pierce Brosnan, my heart sunk. I mean, how on earth this short blonde become “JAMES BOND”?! In my mind, I bet Ian Fleming was cursing like crazy from up there thinking his character had turn blonde. LOL. ok, enough with the rambling. When I first saw Casino Royale in cinema, I was like hmm opening scene looked good but when the theme by Chris Cornell started playing — OMG — it was like ‘ HECK YEA THIS IS AWESOME ‘. and then i got hooked. by both the movie and the song. I took back the words about Daniel Craig and I actually started a group online about full support of him as James Bond. I saw Casino Royale again for another 3 times (in total i saw it 4 times in cinema) and I immediately bought the soundtrack and replayed the theme song until i got super bored. Chris Cornell is just amazingly A-W-E-S-O-M-E in the way he sang and composed the music. And i am proud to say, this is THE BEST JAMES BOND THEME SONG EVER CREATED!

So, what about you? You have any favorite songs from the past? especially 2006? Would love to hear your thought!

Yours Truly 🙂