Grocery Shopping: Under $20 Haul

No, I am not rich. Yes, I always consider myself a bargain hunter especially when it comes to groceries.

So yes, I have decided to do a shopping haul videos (groceries).

Hope this can help some of y’all on what to get for under $20 at a local grocery store. (NYC)

p.s.: this will only speaks for NYC so adjust the price wherever you are currently residing.

Yours Truly 🙂


Grand Central Market NY – a slice of heaven for foodies

Next time you are visiting Grand Central Terminal in New York City, stop gazing at the ceiling for gazilion minutes and roam around the terminal. If you walk slowly, most likely you’ll be bumped by the busy commuters who dislike the slow paced tourists in groups. However, you might want to walk slowly (not too slow tho) because to find this jewel is not gonna be easy.

Most first time tourists (visitors) will ended up at Grand Central by either taking the 4,5,6,7 trains or by shuttle (S) train or if you are a bit posh then Metro North (less likely unless commuters) or by cab which will drop them at either 42nd and Vanderbilt or 42nd and Park. If you think that Grand Central has only couple of entrance, well think again buddy! So far i have used five entrances which connected me to Grand Central lobby (i’m not talking about the S shuttle entrance located by 42nd and Madison). However, not many peeps actually enter Grand Central from 42nd and Lexington which unfortunately is the closest way to where this jewel is located.

Yes Grand Central has a lot of restaurants and even dining concourse on the basement level but don’t you actually want to experience the real market feel? How about picking up the freshest catch of the day and then pair it with some fresh linguine with marinara sauce while looking at the deliciously displayed pecan pie? Or perhaps you need a hard to find spices for your exotic cuisine you’re gonna make later for dinner?


Shrimps, scallops, fishes – oh my!


Crab cakes lover will definitely have fun in here 😉


I am a ravioli addict and finding this section makes me feel like high on drug (joking aside) lol


Don’t you just want to make love with the cheeses?!? (Ok not really but cheese lovers out there??)


If you like exotic spices then welcome home!


Tea lovers will definitely feel like they are in Heaven already


Got these for my dinner last week. Shrimp and crab rolls plus two arthicokes. They were sooo good! I’m literally drooling right now.

Yes Grand Central Market is not the largest market in New York City but to think that this little jewel has everything you need then there is no reason not to stop by and look around what they offer. If you are just visiting then i may suggest try the shrimp and crab rolls from Pescatore. Boy, the most delicious rolls i have ever tasted my whole life. Or if you have a sweet tooth then look no further as Eli Zabar has lots of pastries, cookies, pies, even macarons.

So foodies, put on your shoes and start experiencing Grand Central Market. See you around 🙂

PS: no, i am not paid by Grand Central Market or Grand Central Terminal to promote them.

PPS: technically Grand Central Market is located inside Grand Central Terminal however the back entrance at Lexington Avenue between 42nd and 43rd is the easiest way to the market without being afraid of bumped by strangers. Then after you are done you can proceed strolling around the terminal. If you are still hungry and crave for burger well they have Shake Shack down by the dining concourse. 😉

Yours Truly 🙂