Current Life Situation

Hi readers,

Well technically i don’t really want to write something like this.

But i think it’ll be fine if i actually share it with all of you.

So for the past week, i have been cutting my food budget due to unwanted circumstances that unfortunately had to happen. Some of the food posts that are uploaded to Instagram or my blog were mostly taken a week prior.

Am i poor? No, not poor at all.
Just not having quite ‘the money’ yet to endure all those delicious foods from the places that i have been wanting to go. The Foodie Duos are still going to continue however the solo coverage of Christie Christmas will be postponed for a while.

Normally, i don’t mind spending $10-15 per day but because of this situation, i decided to put a limit to my daily expenses. $5 is my limit and to be able to do that is not quite an easy task. It is HARD but it is DOABLE! This 5 bucks are excluding transport because i already loaded my metrocard with some amount that’ll lasts me for quite some time.

Last Friday i went to CVS. luckily, there was a disc for certain food items. Like for instance, there is this Bumble Bee lunch to go that was on sale from 3.99 to 1.99 if you use your extra care card. So i grabbed that. I also noticed there was a chicken salad with crackers to go in the food fridge section. I decided to buy that even tho it’s 3.79 but because i have a $2 coupon, i could reduce the cost. Last one, i grabbed a Colgate whitening paste that was on sale from 4.29 to 3.39 and with my $2 coupon, i scored 1.39 for that. So in total i paid around $5ish with tax. It’s still above my limit a little but i was happy because i could save. I ate the bumble bee for quick snack after class then saved the chick salad for Saturday’s lunch. Since i already had a block of white bread and eggs, i decided to make a chick salad sandwich with onion and sunny side up egg. For saturday, i did not spend a dime! I guess i could say “hooray” for that!

When i was cleaning on friday night after class, i decided to look through my kitchen pantry. I digged through massive pile of instant noodle and granola bars (i am a sucker for granola bars, believe me they are good to fill your stomach for a while!); and found 8 cans of cooked clams and 2 cans of vienna sausages! Whoa, i was about to bursts myself in tears because i knew i still had a box of pasta and some clam juice left in the fridge which i could use to make linguine clam!

Now, i really need to go to the nearest market a.s.a.p and get myself at least a bag of rice and a bulk bag of linguine/spaghetti!

So, what do you think? Should i write some more? Would love to hear your thoughts!

P.S.: for the related video or post, just scroll down and you will find the under $20 grocery shopping haul video.

Yours Truly 🙂