When In Doubt: Woorijip

I feel like adding a new category regarding to my review about restaurant and stuff (excluding market because that whole thing is different) so I named it “When In Doubt”. Sounds cool, rite?

Anyhow, I cannot recall how many times I have been to this place called Woorijip in K-town. Introduced by a friend of mine many many years ago and instantly i got hooked. Woorijip offers fast, cheap, casual yet authentic Korean food without being too serious. Feels like actually dining at a small cafeteria in Seoul.

They open pretty early and also close pretty late. Sounds good to me! Although i am not a party person but living and working in New York City means 24/7 so if i feel like having a good dinner without banging my buck then does not matter if it’s 10PM or midnight, my craving for food has to be satisfied.

and Woorijip solves my problem.

back to Woorijip, they have what it’s called “pay per lb” hot and cold buffet currently as i  am typing costs $7.99/lb. Oh yea, it’s not All You Can Eat buffet (non NYkers would prob think its ayce but in fact it’s not) so please don’t freak out if you take a lot of foods and ended up paying $20.99 LOL you maybe take too much food so choose wisely. Cold selection has salad, kimchi, kimbap, cold omelette, cold pajeon, seaweed, cold soba, and some more veggies. Hot selection has ddeokbokki, japchae, bulgogi, mackarel, pork, okonomiyaki, pajeon, fish, chicken, fried rice, and much more. Their menu varies every single day so be prepare to  expect something different. Like last time i went there, i did not see soba and jjangmyeon sauce. Couple hours ago, i saw them at the buffet spot.


Yummy yummy in my tummy

My meal selection for last night consists of: cold soba, okonomiyaki, crab pajeon (not shown), omelette (not shown), chinese broccoli, bok choy, jjangmyeon sauce, and jap chae. It costs me around $8.13 and i felt quite full afterwards. The soba was great, okonomiyaki, pajeon, and omelette were always good (standard), the japchae was delicious and by adding the jjangmyeon sauce it even added more oishii ness into it (ok enough Japanese here). The veggies were crisp and delightful. My bad, i forgot to take the kale and kimchi :p

oh yea, since i am a female and i am monitoring what i eat after 7 so this portion might be a bit small for some of you but yes do choose whatever your taste bud wants. This is just a reference.

Woorijip also has a lot of pre packaged hot meal like kimchi fried rice, chicken over rice (i recommend this one, soo good), seafood tofu stew, pajeon, cold salad pre packaged, cold entree that has rice, kimchi, an entree; also they have plenty selections of kimbap. For those who likes cold soju and beers, they would not need to worry as this place has liquors as well. Handful selections of sodas, teas, juicds, waters are also available too.

and do not worry, they are still affordable. 😉


Address: 12 West 32nd St, New York, NY, 10001 between 5th and Broadway

Transit: 34ST Herald Square B-D-F-M-N-Q-R-PATH trains (closest), Q32 and M4 buses, also M2-M3-M5 buses on 5th av, 1-2-3 trains at Penn Station (a little bit of walk)

Yours Truly 🙂