Mijn Mode Keuze: Kate Spade blue Leslie

Since i am the sole owner of this blog/web then i can post anything i want.

Including fashion 😉

If you read my “about me” section, you’ll notice that i added some paragraph about my degree that is somewhat related to fashion industry. Yes, i have a bachelor degree that is concentrated in business and fashion marketing management. As now, i am a graduate student with a concentration in another field that is nowhere near fashion industry yet needed also sometimes by fashion peeps. Ha, i will let you guess and wondering 😉

Anyho, i am a Leo and a July baby and my birthday is coming real soon. If anybody else have their own wish list for their birthday then me personally, i rarely create or even write wish list for birthday let alone Christmas presents. What i would do is i save money then will most likely forget what i’m going to buy later on. Funny thing tho, God always give me hints sometimes whenever i am at a store or browsing something online on certain things. Like for example, i went to Zara and tried some of their pants. They were running out of my size but i lovedddd those pants. I was murmuring “yea maybe not my day” on my way home. Then all of a sudden, i was walking around Herald square when my gut told me: “you’re here already. Now drag the lazy butt to that Zara right now!”

So i went inside and lo and behold, those pants were there — the exact type and design i wanted, in my size! And then another blouse, another t shirt, another top, another skirt! And they were on sale, ladies and gentlemen! Even tho the sale still gonna costs you at least more than $50 but heck i already have the money! I bought them and couldn’t be happier!

That’s the weird side of me, lol :p

Ok what am i rambling?! Oh yea about my birthday well about a week ago or so i saw the announcement from Kate Spade about their 4th of July weekend sale that has been extended until 7/7/15. I browsed around and found a nice blue handbag that kinda reminds me of Saint Laurent’s handbag. I was contemplating of getting it but at the same time i also loved another handbag that can be easily modified as a clutch. And then i began procrastinating. A day went by, weekend went by, and next thing you know : 2 days before the sale end came. That dreaded email notification that came like crap early in the morning yet i thanked for reminding me. So i looked, there it was, the blue handbag is still there and on sale and great thing was, i could apply more discount! Meaning more saving! Can i hear Amen?!? 😉


The collage of my Kate Spade bag


Beautiful um Bellissimo!!! Love the color, love the design, even more so : loveddd the discounts baby!

So here is my fashion choice post: Kate Spade Blue Leslie handbag.

My early birthday present 🙂

PS: i own two other handbags that are also from Kate Spade and everybody complimented them. My mom is also a fan of Kate Spade and she is always pleased with the bag’s quality and material.

And yes, i don’t mind higher end designer handbag too; still saving for that cute Louis Vuitton Alma or Chanel lamb skin flap. Everybody seems into Chanel boy flap — seriously i don’t like the Chanel boy collection kinda too masculine for me :p

Yours Truly 🙂