Christmas Edition: Christmas Wonderland at SAKS Fifth Avenue – NYC 2016

Christmas is just around the corner (literally only 3 days away) and seems like i am not the only one whose not so eager with Christmas shopping this year. Aside from financial issue, i also have another problem that i have to deal with. (Cough)

Anyhoo, if you just stumbled on my blog: welcome! I hope you enjoy this virtual home of TFD (the foodie duos) and make sure to follow this blog for more updates. Christmas giveaway is still going on and in case you would like to participate:

Speaking of Christmas, NYC is home to some of the oldest fashion stores in the world. And it is also home to some of the most magnificent Christmas window displays. Like this one from SAKS Fifth Avenue. It’s a combination of everything you’d wish for!

I’m a sucker for Christmas window displays. What about you?

Yours Truly 🙂



So here it is, CC is finally here to announce that the 2016 giveaway is officially started!

you can win these lovelies:

EOS, Hershey's, Hot Cocoa Mix, NYX beauty, Coloring Book

EOS, Hershey’s, Hot Cocoa Mix, NYX beauty, Coloring Book

And yes, this giveaway is open internationally for everybody! both male and female can participate!


All you have to do is answer this simple question below by replying back on the comment section no later than Saturday, December 24th, 2016 00:00 EST (New York – Eastern Standard Time):


I will select the winner based on how creative the answer is. all Christmas songs are okay — whether they are a classic or a recent modern one.

I will announce the winners (yes you heard it right — 3 winners!) by YouTube video and on this blog.

The 1st winner is going to get:

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The 2nd winner is going to get:

animals-lost-ocean-johanna-basford-cover _35 lol134

The 3rd winner is going to get:

lvhershey21n-2-web _35 lol134

So, what are you waiting for? Excited already? I hope you all have a marvelous Christmas and a wonderful New Year ahead!

Yours Truly 🙂


Hello Everyone!

Sorry for the super duper late update but yes here I am safely sound. The Foodie Duos is still there — BB and CC are still going strong as ever even though there were delays here and there on the video uploads.

“Video Uploads? Where? On Instagram? Youtube?”

Incase you are wondering, yes we do have social media:



And yes, make sure you follow and subscribe to our Social Medias!

Anyhoo, in lieu of what’s happening for the past month there are some doubts whether CC should held another giveaway. it took her almost an entire month thinking about it and it led her to this conclusion: will there be anymore giveaway?

the answer? yes there will be giveaway but she is not quite sure yet.

why not sure? because of the gifts? because of the budget? because of the last minute preparation?

the answer: all of the above. and plus another issue that she has been dealing for the past month of which unfortunately she is still refused to disclose. (only closed friends are aware)

nevertheless, there will be another post regarding giveaway but she already has ideas on what type of gifts she will give:

EOS, Hershey's, Hot Cocoa Mix, NYX beauty, Coloring Book

Are you interested in winning those lovelies? stay tune to find out how!

Yours Truly 🙂


The Foodie Duos belated Christmas Video

So The Foodie Duos celebrated Christmas last year and stuffed themselves with lots and lots of good foods! They also got plenty of presents (of which will be shared maybe sometime in the future — or not LOL). CC finally had a chance to edit the video and upload it to YT. Enjoy!

See you guys on the next Food & Travel videos! 😉

Yours Truly 🙂

Happy New Year 2016 :) Feeling French at La Gamelle ;)

Hello guys! Happy New Year!

So what did you guys do on New Year’s Eve? Did you party like a rock star or just hanging out at home or just having a small dinner while counting down the clock? regardless of what you did, The Foodie Duos would like to wish everyone of you a Happy New Year! May this 2016 brings us more luck, more joy, more good health, and happiness! as for me, I just want a new job. and yea, for real I am! 🙂

Boo and I went to La Gamelle in LES to celebrate the NYE and NY. We got the 9.30 pm table, dined for at least two hours, drank some wine (I drank too much actually lol), and just relaxed before we finally got out at around 1AM. The foods there were outstanding and delicious and I can honestly say I will definitely go back with boo!


boo and his Chardonnay 🙂


Smile! 🙂


Lobster bisque. Delicious!


Escargots. Another delicious appetizer!!


My entrée: Duck a’la orange ! C’est magnifique!


His entrée: Colorado rack of lamb. Cooked to perfection!


Funny story about the New Year’s Eve was that we were literally without plan at least until Dec 27th 2015 when all of a sudden I asked boo whether he wanted to do Korean BBQ or French for New Year’s Eve. He said he was game for any type of food but my procrastinating mood was back so I decided to hold back from making any reservation until Dec 29th 2015. I had this some sort of panic attack and I flipped thru the contact number and immediately called La Gamelle and hoping that they still had table for NYE. I was so nervous I actually sweat when I called them and even sweat some more when they said they’re looking for available table. Turned out they still had the 9.30 one and I put my name and booked it. Phew!

p.s.: lesson learned here folks! if you have any type of celebration and want the best seat then make sure to book ahead! 😀

Anyway, we had the NYE menu for the night. We got amuse bouche (which I believed was the cheese pastry and the pate), lobster bisque and escargots for appetizers, duck a’la orange and rack of lamb for entrees, and petit desserts and soufflés for desserts. yes, we both got 2 desserts each! The amuse bouche was definitely tasty and on the spot — too bad I did not take any pictures from this. my bad. The lobster bisque was unusual because it had this puff pastry on the top which reminds me of pot pie. The bisque itself was delicious and fragrant with lots of lobster meats inside. My escargots came out delicious too — my only con was I wish they serve more than 6 because it was so addicting! lol. My duck a’la orange was so juicy, tender, and flavorful. I had been craving duck for quite some time so I was extremely pleased with Gamelle’s duck. Boo had Colorado’s rack of lamb which was cooked to perfection. When I said cooked to perfection meaning exactly how you had to cook rack of lamb. so tender, lots of flavor, perfect rare, and moist — definitely a treat if you really like lamb! We paired all our foods and desserts with a bottle of Chardonnay which was delicious too. I mean, it’s a 2014 but it has this beautiful fresh and fruity flavor to it. And desserts? drum roll we had this softly bubbly sweet passion fruit soufflé and a selection of small petit cakes which consists of éclairs, fruit tarts, and a vanilla custardy marshmallow. everything was just perfect!

The bill came to around $220ish (with wine) but it was very worth it consider it was New Year’s Eve and plenty of places in NYC actually put a price tag more than $100 per person. This one without the drink costs at $78/pp and you got an app, an entrée, and two desserts! I mean, where can you actually score that type of deal nowadays in New York especially during NYE?!?

and yes, sorry for no pictures of the desserts but I just uploaded a teaser video for you guys:

Happy New Year and I’ll see you guys soon on my next post!

La Gamelle:
241 Bowery, New York, NY, 10002
Phone: 212-388-0052
$ meter: affordable to expensive $$-$$$
Reservations: walk-in accepted, reserve thru phone and
Nearest Transit: 2nd Avenue F train, Bowery J and Z trains.

Yours Truly 🙂