Grocery Shopping: Under $15 Haul

Another grocery shopping haul. This time it is under $15 ladies and gentlemen!

I know i know it may sounds a lil bit expensive especially for those of you non New Yorkers but like i said on my prev post, this only applies for NY state or NYC in general. Adjust on where you currently live.

Yours Truly 🙂


Grocery Shopping: Under $20 Haul

No, I am not rich. Yes, I always consider myself a bargain hunter especially when it comes to groceries.

So yes, I have decided to do a shopping haul videos (groceries).

Hope this can help some of y’all on what to get for under $20 at a local grocery store. (NYC)

p.s.: this will only speaks for NYC so adjust the price wherever you are currently residing.

Yours Truly 🙂