Feeling Nostalgic : Vintage New York City

Balancing work and school is never easy. Whoever said it is easy, boy that person must be a superman or something.

Anyway, just for the quick update. I was doing some school work earlier with Adobe Premiere Pro CC. We were color correcting some footage from the original color to the edited one. At first I was like “oh boy, it’s gonna be boring”. but then, i enjoyed it! 😉

It’s only a minute video so I hope you guys enjoy it! Any feedback is appreciated 🙂

I will try to write again a.s.a.p

Yours Truly 🙂


Feeling Nostalgic: 2006 Songs

I’ll add new category in this blog called “feeling nostalgic”

this time, I am taking you guys back to the year 2006.  A year when everything happened and gradually changed my life. moved to another house for a temporary amount of time, turmoil inside the family, happiness and sadness in school life but thankfully the music was still upbeat and great (if i can say better than nowadays).

I am by any chance not a fan of Nelly Furtado but when i downloaded and listened this song for the first time, it kept playing inside my head like literally the next hour and even the next days. the beat is just awesome even though some people complained about the unnecessary ‘hey’ in the background vocal.

FIFA world cup 2006 in Germany is and by far the best World Cup I have ever experienced and watched. Overall matches were excellent, including the soundtrack itself. This is the official theme for FIFA WC 2006 and the beat, the lyric, the artist — complete excellence!

As i have mentioned, WC 2006 soundtrack consists of great songs including this one by Il Divo and Toni Braxton. Eventually this song is like a must played whenever i started my day in the morning before i went to school.

Surely Il Divo was the highlight of WC 2006 because not only once but two times they recorded song for the soundtrack. This song performed with Celine Dion was written so beautifully that it could be a reminder to all of us that no matter how big your dream is, you must never give up to chase it. Unlike Time of Our Lives, i prefer to play this song at night because it just gives you the ‘calm nerve’ effect. dunno bout you guys but that’s just me.

Ok. I am not a big ‘dance/techno’ fan but for some reason I enjoyed this song A LOT! like literally, all the radios at that time played this song every single day.

Again, I am not a fan of artist like Black Eyed Peas but this song is just great and really boost your mood especially before you start your daily activities.

I am a fan of James Bond movies and its soundtracks (quite odd for a female of course) and when I heard about Daniel Craig as the new James Bond replacing Pierce Brosnan, my heart sunk. I mean, how on earth this short blonde become “JAMES BOND”?! In my mind, I bet Ian Fleming was cursing like crazy from up there thinking his character had turn blonde. LOL. ok, enough with the rambling. When I first saw Casino Royale in cinema, I was like hmm opening scene looked good but when the theme by Chris Cornell started playing — OMG — it was like ‘ HECK YEA THIS IS AWESOME ‘. and then i got hooked. by both the movie and the song. I took back the words about Daniel Craig and I actually started a group online about full support of him as James Bond. I saw Casino Royale again for another 3 times (in total i saw it 4 times in cinema) and I immediately bought the soundtrack and replayed the theme song until i got super bored. Chris Cornell is just amazingly A-W-E-S-O-M-E in the way he sang and composed the music. And i am proud to say, this is THE BEST JAMES BOND THEME SONG EVER CREATED!

So, what about you? You have any favorite songs from the past? especially 2006? Would love to hear your thought!

Yours Truly 🙂