Dinner plates dilemma

Back when i had the comfort of living in my parent’s house and the magnificent dorms, i did not have to worry about kitchen supplies and utensils; especially dinner plates. Plates are always there (despite the situation) and i could easily find different type of ’em. Cake plate, salad plate, big meal plate, medium plate, gigantic plate, yada yada. Even the dorm was always prepared with plates (nope we’re not talkin bout American dorms with its’ paper plates).

now, when i actually moved to NYC and had my own apartment for the 1st time, i was always worried about this particular thing. The horrendous dinner plates. Or plates. It’s not that i don’t have it now (heck i’ve been moving more than 3x already) but the thing is: i am so darn lazy to fill in my kitchen with proper dinner plates. I have a M&M plastic plate, 2 tacky looking plates that i got from friends, a dozen of paper plates, and 3 microwave safe nordicware plates that i bought like 5 months ago.

Happy? Certainly not.

Anyway, i’ve been browsing dinner plates for the past month and nothing fancy my eyes. Even a trip to Sur la table and William Sonoma was not a good one. I am ok with their price but for some reason, the design was a lil bit “eh” for me.

now now, i still love their kitchen supplies..:)

yesterday’s browsing on Amazon led me to some of the dinner plates collection by Rachael Ray. O-m-G! Where the heck have i been all this time?!? Those designs  are not just cute but plain beautiful without being too overboard. And the price was quite reasonable. Around $15 – $25 ish.

problem is, which design should i get?


So what do you think, my reader? A? B? C?

My guts said go for B but i like A too.

P.S: amazon also has the plates only collection in a set package. The reason why i chose this set is because i can basically use all for daily purpose. I already have a mug but having another one seems a good idea.

Yours Truly 🙂