The Foodie Duos: HALLOWEEN 2016

Who/what were you for this year’s Halloween?

The Foodie Duos were not in the mood to spend a lot of money yet we still wanted to look totally COOL and AWESOME during Halloween.

First idea was Frozen. then CC realized that proper Elsa costume and her accessories would costs at least $40ish. Even with just an easy Olaf costume for BB it’ll cost at least $55-60 for both costumes. and plus the weather forecast for 10/30 would be thunderstorms and rains. so much for a nice night out. NOT.

Second idea was Star Wars Force Awakens. BB as Obi Wan and CC as Ray. Found a good deal for Jedi robe (with saber) and Ray tunic costume. HOWEVER, as soon as CC wanted to purchase those costumes, the prices were increased like 50%. and they still had to pay shipping fee if they wanted the costumes to be delivered by 10/29. NOT COOL AT ALL! 😦

flipping through Amazon, CC found a good deal on Jedi robes with less heavy materials. and also a good deal on Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber. 2 costumes and 2 sabers, it’ll cost her around $45ish. plus, they could do photos indoor without having to worry about the theme. and another plus, 2 day shipping is FREE!

Without any further ado, she ordered the costumes!

And how’s the result you may ask?




we LOVED it! seriously the minute we put on the robe we did not even take it off until like an hour later. LOL. yes it may not be the fanciest Jedi costume like the one they sell for ComicCon or Cosplay but it was worth the money! Jedi normally dresses very light behind the robe so we just went casual with the inner outfit. BB with his tshirt and jeans while I put on the light marigold orange sweater and jeans.

gotta be the best HALLOWEEN we’ve ever had! 🙂

so how’s your Halloween this year, fellas?

Yours Truly 🙂