My Go To Place: Argo Tea

Do you have a favorite place to get your morning dose of caffeine or tea or breakfast or any type of snack in particular?

I do.

I used to frequent that chain of coffee with Kenny G look-a-like logo on the window. Yes, I used to worship that place like crazy. Even long before people raved about that chain, I already fell in love with their caramel macchiato and Frappuccino. I remember my favorite dose would be either caramel frap, caramel macch, tall iced latte, green tea frap, or sometimes just a regular iced coffee with milk and sugar. And when Christmas times come, I love their hazelnut latte!

Years gone by and I did not even bother on checking another place. (oops, I did fell in love with Coffee Bean! 🙂 )

When I moved to NYC, I still frequent “S” and “CB” but I developed another love for different types of coffee place too. I even had a regular café and bodega that knew exactly what I wanted in the morning — which normally my day would be started with a hot/iced coffee with milk and sugar and also hot/iced chai latte or hot/iced green tea latte.

That is until I began moving to another area and another school and another different types of work place.

During that time period, I found Argo Tea.

Well technically I knew about Argo from Whole Foods because that is where they also sell their tea products too. I tried their ginger honey tea once and I instantly got hooked. However, for $3ish per bottle it felt like a burden but then I realized; I even spent way more for that tall caramel frap I used to frequent at ‘S’. so why not I actually pay more for a better quality of tea?

As if on cue, I stumbled upon Argo’s tea store located in Columbus Circle area.

And now some of the employees are actually aware of my liking! like for instance, whenever I go to their CC branch in the evening, one of the woman who works there smiled at me and constantly said “hot or cold chocolate mint?!”. I could not help but smile back at her. LOL.


my usual favorite. small iced chocolate mint. 2% milk. earl grey tea.


And yes, as I am writing this one, I am sipping my favorite 🙂

Don’t worry you caffeine lovers, they also provide Illy coffee so you will definitely get your cuppa joe there as well!

other favorites? well they have bubble tea too – which sometimes I also order when I am in the mood for something different. their chai latte seems to be on point as well. they also have quite a selection of pastries so rest assured, you can have a snack there too!

I can only speak for CC location but there you will find plenty of plug-ins for your laptop/tablets and lots of chairs to sit and relax. and do not worry, there is Wi-Fi and it is fast!

p.s.: I heard that they also provide membership that will eventually score you a free drinks after certain points so do check that out!

Argo Tea website:

Yours Truly 🙂