My Broadway Show Review: Living On Love

After the not-so-important post last weekend, I decided to return to my normal writing habit. πŸ™‚

Yeah, as if I am always writing in a normal writing habit. πŸ˜›

So last month on 5/2/2015 boo and I spent our Saturdate by watching a Broadway show called “Living on Love“. I heard about this show like 2 months before from Renee Fleming’s page announcement and was so excited that I made a promise I would save a lot and take boo with me to see the show. Funny thing was, boo actually was aware of my love to Renee Fleming and when he asked whether I wanted to see the show, well without a doubt I said “YES” in excitement. πŸ˜‰

Off we went to Longacre Theatre at 220 West 48TH Street.

As soon as we arrived, the show was already started about 5 minutes and we were rushed to our seats which were located on the Mezzanine level. The view of the stage was not obstructed at all and if there is a word to describe the set then it would be this Italian word that I really loved: BELLISSIMO πŸ˜‰ the attention of detail for the apartment set was so amazing — the sofas, the glass cabinet display, the chair, the mini chandelier, the foyer. Oh my, I wish I study theater production right now LOL.

Oh in case you are wondering what the show is about, then here is a synopsis I took from site: Living on LoveΒ tells the story of celebrated diva Raquel DeAngelis. When her husband, the fiery and egomaniacal Maestro Vito DeAngelis, becomes enamored with the lovely young lady hired to ghostwrite his long-delayed autobiography, Rachel retaliates by hiring her very ownβ€”and very handsomeβ€”ghostwriter to chronicle her life as an opera star. Sparks fly, silverware is thrown, and romance blossoms.

So how’s the overall show?

OMG, this must be the funniest Broadway show I have ever seen in my life. Okay, I probably exaggerate a lil bit on this but seriously, who would ever thought that the opera diva Renee Fleming can be so charming yet funny at the same time?! I loved her performance and her flirtatious personality. Douglas Sills who played her husband was also another funny yet charming character. The other actors were Jerry O’Connell and Anna Chlumsky. They did a very good job as well.

Unfortunately, as they said, show business is tough. That night the seats were not full house and the show closed on May 3rd 2015 after like just about two or three weeks. I felt so unfair because I think all of the casts did a wonderful job but yeah, maybe their marketing strategy is not strong enough to attract Broadway fans who are accustomed with lots of songs and musics.


The end of the show. Renee was hilarious!


The Diva herself. and the gang. LOL


Douglas and Jerry were trying to be goofy LOL


Boo and I after the show.


And of course, selfie is a must πŸ˜€

Funny thing was after we took the selfie in front of the banner, boo heard a noise coming from the other side of the entrance. When we looked to see what was happening, Jerry O’Connell came outside and started taking pictures and signing autographs for some of the fans. We definitely did not want to miss it so we waited for about 10 minutes until we finally got his autograph and a selfie with him πŸ™‚


Jerry with boo and I. Jerry was such a charming person he literally grabbed my phone and took like 6 selfies with us. πŸ™‚

And then, moment of truth! Renee came outside and I could not help myself not to jump or cry in joy. I was literally excited because I have been a fan of her since I was in high school. Of course I still have my love for Sarah Brightman πŸ˜‰ but yeah we should not have limitation on singers. Ms. Fleming was surprisingly very patient and she took time to chat with the fans and did not feel pressure when one of the guy beside us gave her like 8 DVDs to sign. When she approached me and signed the playbill, I told her I missed her during the Met Opera season and she said she will definitely be back performing maybe next year. Funny thing, she accidentally signed my iPhone screen and I realized that later when I had dinner with boo πŸ˜€


Such a sweet person! Thank you Renee πŸ™‚

Now Douglas Sills is one hell funny guy! No kidding, he came back to me twice because I asked him for a picture when he signed the playbill. He said: “ah we should take a proper picture, i will come back to you later” — which he did. I asked him several questions regarding the character and some of the props used on stage especially the maple syrup that he poured on top of his hair. He said: “nah, it was actually a conditioner.” LOL


Boo. me . and Douglas Sills.


The playbill. We were definitely fortunate and blessed that night!

I wish that the show is still playing right now because I will not hesitate to watch it again but oh well — maybe next time I will see them again in a different play. Thank you Kathleen Marshall for directing a marvelous and funny play that boo and I really enjoyed! And thank you to all the casts who did excellent job in this play!

P.S.: if you are wondering whatever happen to Anna Chlumsky after the show, well, turns out she did not come outside. Security said she left early but that’s alright. Maybe some other time πŸ˜‰

Yours Truly πŸ™‚


My Broadway show review: Jersey Boys

If you read my short bio at the about me section, you probably are aware that I am a musical theater fan. Any types of Broadway shows; be it something full of non stop music for two hours or something that has less music with lots of dialogues. For me, each Broadway show is unique. You cannot simply compare the magic of The Phantom of the Opera to let’s say Kinky Boots or Cabaret.

Fortunately, i am also an oldies music fan. So when boo said he wanted to take me to see Jersey Boys, well without any doubt: I AM IN! πŸ™‚

Off we went to August Wilson Theatre to see Jersey Boys.


My pic collage with boo. Thanks boo for taking me πŸ™‚

Did we enjoy it? Hell, we LOVED it!

The show started at around 7.15 ish PM and ended at around 9.45 ish PM. Even though i was not really a fan of The Four Seasons but i grew up listening to some of their songs (thanks mom and pops) and my favorites were in the show as well. Sherry, Let’s hang on, and Can’t take my eyes off you — boy, i could listen to those over and over again.

Acting was superb, singing was more than superb, costume design was oh so gorgeous. Total package. Even for first timer who never hear of Frankie Valli and the Four seasons, they will surely be entertained.

If i have to put a critic, it would be the Let’s hang on part. Why, oh why, it was not a complete song?!? As a fan of let’s hang on (ok i am totally out of proportion lol) i felt a little bit disappointed. Nevertheless, i would not mind seeing Jersey Boys again and again!

Do see Jersey Boys! You will thank me later! Learn more here

PS: for those planning to take the little ones, profanity and languages might seem a little bit too harsh and some of the scene can be quite disturbing so i do not really recommend this to kids under 10.

PPS: because i love let’s hang on so if you bumped me at a nearby Barnes and noble music dvd section and catch me singing that tune, please say hello πŸ˜‰ or if you think i am nuts then just pretend i am not there lol.

Other than that, enjoy!

Yours Truly πŸ™‚