Christila Utomo met: Nigella Lawson

She is the reason why I am always excited every time I enter my kitchen.

She is the reason why I glued to the TV at night when I was still in school back then — until both mom and pop scolded me and told me to go to bed.

She is the reason why sometimes in the middle of the night I snack on leftovers (and I mean by snacking meaning not just reheat and eat the leftovers; i even boil the pan and make something new out of it LOL).

She is the reason why I feel like I am enjoying life to the fullest even tho some people closed to me resent my habit (and by resent meaning like they tell me what I am doing is wrong and I should change it a.s.a.p).

She is… well… without her I don’t think my love for food would ever be the same.

If you’re guessing Rachael Ray well you are wrong (even tho I am also a fan of Rachael and I already met her as well).

Her nickname is domestic goddess. And yes, her name is also a name of a plant too 😉

Yeap, she is Nigella Lawson.

Long story short, last wednesday 11/4/15 was the day when Nigella hold a book signing at Barnes and Noble UWS location. I was already informed about this event since a month ago and I already put it in my reminder but soon enough I forgot about it. Not until like days before Nov 4th came that I actually remembered about the event. talk about getting reminded early in the morning from my phone LOL. So I contacted B&N representative about the event and as soon as I got out of work, I rushed thru the subway and told myself that if I ever gonna be late then this is gonna be MTA’s fault.

luckily I arrived there like 15 mins before 7. 😀

I was indeed surprised that I could actually get a seat consider it was already 95% full but then I learned something: not everyone sitting there are a fan of Nigella or are buying Nigella’s book. a guy next to me used the seat to actually listened to the free 10 mins intro from Nigella herself and as soon as the line for signing was opened, he left. owwkay!

Event began at 7.05 ish and she gave a lil bit of intro about her latest cookbook called “Simply Nigella”. She also answered some of the questions from the audience (unfortunately she did not answer mine; quite possibly b/c my question was pretty much the same as other people — stupid me should have think harder!) and she also shared some unique trivia about herself.


The book signing line moved quite slow because she actually took her time to answered some of the questions asked by the fans while she signed the book and she also offered the fans to actually take a picture with her. what a sweet lady indeed!

I decided to wait a lil bit before I actually joined the line (mind you this B&N location was not as big as UES or Union Square so it was kinda cramped) and boy was it a very good decision as i could relax my feet without having to complain later on lol.

As usual, if i have a chance to meet someone that I really adored then i will always prepare questions for that person. I don’t know if it is the euphoria or nervousness or what, as soon as I handed the book for her to signed, boom, i could only remember some things! 😛


I took a pic with her before she signed the book and for some reason she was quite interested with my unusual name. 😉 I told her how she had inspired me to cook ever since I watched her show on TV and I had to spill some secret about a family member who was quite a picky eater — to which she responded in a class way of course. She got excited when I told her I also loved lemon meringue pie but just could not make a good one — just like her 😀


All in all, meeting Nigella was one of my bucket list and I am so happy that I could finally fulfill it. I have read the book and I was so pleased with the selection of the recipes — i even already favorited some of the recipes and I swear to myself I have to master them at least by next year. And oh, if you are a health concern then do not worry ; some of the recipes are gluten free friendly. 🙂

Yours Truly 🙂