Blacklisted Restaurant : Ho’Brah

I never thought in my whole life I would actually write this in my own blog / website. Let alone adding a category like “blacklisted”.

But I have to.

Remember my post about Ho’Brah sometime last June? If you don’t, well here is the link for it.

This happened last Sunday 7/5/2015 at around 1:30 PM. together with Boo, his parents, a friend and her niece we decided to go back to Ho’Brah for lunch. We dropped Boo’s mom, friend, and her niece first in front of Ho’Brah while Boo, me, and his dad went to look for parking. It was a fine Sunday and we got parking in less than ten minutes. When we arrived at Ho’Brah, we noticed that our party already got seated at the round table in the back. In my mind, wow surely the service is getting better in here. Moreover, they already served the guacamole, salsa, and chips even before we got in.

So we were seated and the menus were already on the table. five seconds later, God knows, this bearded man came to our table and put down a paper receipt saying that during our last visit we haven’t paid our bill. All of us were in complete shock knowing that WE ALREADY PAID the bill and demanded explanation. He kept on insisting that we haven’t paid the bill.

FYI, whenever we go to a restaurant we always have separate bill. And we always, I repeat, ALWAYS, pay the bill.

This man said: “oh I was not here during that time. I just happened to know that you guys haven’t paid the bill.”

Dude, seriously? You just happened to know?! what kind of lame explanation is that?!

And if you have a brain,  if we haven’t paid our bill, then why on earth would you serve us guacamole and gave us the table?! why didn’t you actually talk with us before we were given the table? were you trying to set us up thinking that y’all can fool and trick us like that? I have a strong memory and don’t even mess around with me.

And last but not least, last time we were there on 5/3/2015 after we paid at Ho’Brah, the waitress said ‘Thank you and have a great day’. YES, SHE SAID THAT! If we have not paid the bill, she would have stopped us and yell or scream something like “I’m sorry guys, looks like you have not paid the bill.” NOPE, SHE DID NOT SAID ANYTHING AFTERWARDS!

And FYI, the little girl tooth fell after we left Ho’Brah on 5/3/2015 and she came back inside to grabbed some napkin to stop the bleeding. if we have not paid, your waiter/waitress should have tell her something about payment but nobody said anything about it.

So, do you still want to say we have not paid our bill?!?

Anyway, thank you for making an unpleasant day for the 6 of us. Thanks to you, Ho’Brah, you have made an unpleasant remark for a little girl and of course the other five adults. You have lost our business and customers and we gladly will pass along this story to other foodies / potential customers out there. And yes, like boo have said, the Staten Islanders will be warned too.

Meanwhile, a taco joint that is located in Manhattan (yes in the city, not in Brooklyn) called Tortaria has much better food selection and prices. And yes, I have dined there last year and their service was much better and friendlier than you guys. Looks like we will be going there again sometime soon.

Yours Truly 🙂