TFD: Birthday, Palm Sunday, and First Day of Spring 2016

Hi y’all!

The Foodie Duos did not do anything specific last weekend but we surely had a great time celebrating friend’s birthday!

we also celebrated Palm Sunday and first day of Spring!

See you guys soon on our next Food and Travel videos!

Yours Truly 🙂


Happy (Belated) Birthday Karen Carpenter!


11 Days ago, you would have turned 64.

11 Days ago, you would have celebrated your birthday with Richard and your beloved fans.

11 Days ago, you probably would have performed at CBS or NBC or ABC – possibly “Close To You” or “Superstar” as the selected songs.

11 Days ago, I probably would be glueing to my laptop or tablet or TV recording your video and then upload it to my website or my YouTube account. Or as if I am too imaginative, I probably would have meet you somewhere for a meet and greet and have my CDs signed and take pictures with you.

Unfortunately, that will never happen 😦

You were taken so fast, I was not even born yet when you passed away.

But one thing for sure, I grew up listening to your music. I grew up watching your music videos and sometimes pretended to be you with my microphone in my hand. (Superstar mode on)

I always thought, God she and Richard were so awesome together!

I even had my haircut looks like you too.

Oh Karen, how I wish you were still here.

This post is dedicated to you, Karen.

Happy Birthday Karen! 🙂

P.S.: learn more about Karen here

Yours Truly 🙂