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Sorry for the super duper late update but yes here I am safely sound. The Foodie Duos is still there — BB and CC are still going strong as ever even though there were delays here and there on the video uploads.

“Video Uploads? Where? On Instagram? Youtube?”

Incase you are wondering, yes we do have social media:



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Anyhoo, in lieu of what’s happening for the past month there are some doubts whether CC should held another giveaway. it took her almost an entire month thinking about it and it led her to this conclusion: will there be anymore giveaway?

the answer? yes there will be giveaway but she is not quite sure yet.

why not sure? because of the gifts? because of the budget? because of the last minute preparation?

the answer: all of the above. and plus another issue that she has been dealing for the past month of which unfortunately she is still refused to disclose. (only closed friends are aware)

nevertheless, there will be another post regarding giveaway but she already has ideas on what type of gifts she will give:

EOS, Hershey's, Hot Cocoa Mix, NYX beauty, Coloring Book

Are you interested in winning those lovelies? stay tune to find out how!

Yours Truly 🙂



Things That I Love: Smorgasburg @ Coney Island

This post can be a hit or a miss because the Smorgasburg that they have here in Coney Island is not as exciting as the one they have in the city or Brooklyn.

don’t get me wrong, they’re still worth to give a shot — if you don’t mind traveling that far to the very tip end of D,F,N, and Q lines in BK.

Anyhow, I was a very good mood sometime last summer when boo had this sudden idea of exploring Coney Island and try Smorgasburg there for din-din. I was of course happily obliged because i would then have the chance to try the famous home frites and its’ sauces. It’s not like i am lazy or what to go to Coney by myself; if you have school/work and very little timing to go here and there then you’ll def know what i am talking about.

enough with the rambling.

So boo and I decided to split off from the folks (they went somewhere else) and we head straight to the Smorgasburg section. We were quite confused because at one point, there was not too many helpful signage regarding to the Smorgasburg itself but in the end we found it because of our curiosity with the art installment that they had behind the black fences nearby Nathan’s.

we noticed couple of the open containers (yes the Smorgasburg booths used colorful containers) but got literally disappointed because some of the booths were already closed. it seemed kinda strange because we were there like around 6ish in the evening even though we were aware about the early closing time. I dragged boo around in order for us to find Home Frite and finally we found their booth near the back of the section.


We decided to order one portion of truffle fries together with lemon garlic aioli sauce and an extra chipotle ranch sauce. we kinda regretted the latter because apparently the portion of the lemon aioli was quite a lot and we had to toss the other one away. the fries were fried to perfection — golden, crispy, juicy, delicious and the truffle really made an extra yummy kick to it. they also served the fries with grated Parmesan and herbs so to me, even without the sauce the fries were already delicious! I believe it costs like around $9ish for the truffle fries but this is the type of fries you will definitely want to splurge because it is different than the regular fries you will see at regular diner or restaurant. and yes, it’s all made with local and organic ingredients.


So after the fries, we were kinda excited to try another booth but unfortunately some of them were closed (or either running out of the foods and ingredients) so the only thing favored our eyes was the Red Hook Lobster Pound booth. Boo decided to order the Lobster Roll while I wanted to try the Shrimp Roll. Lucky for me, they said that I got the last available shrimp roll of the day. Hmm.. talk about being lucky 😀


I had Red Hook‘s lobster roll last spring when I visited their booth at Broadway Bites in Garment District so I already knew how they tasted (which was still awesome btw — had to take a bite from boo’s again LOL) but the shrimp roll was something i was kinda looking forward because i wanted to see how big the portion was. turns out, wow, they really put a lot of shrimp in the rolls. and it tasted so havenly, i mean, really really delicious! the texture was juicy and fresh and the shrimps were cooked in perfection. together with the warm bread, scallion, a dash of seasoning — man they really made my day! although i am more of a lobster roll person but now i think if i am not on my budget, i can always stick to Red Hook’s shrimp roll 😉


And yes, they also had the art installment inside the Smorgasburg so if you like contemporary and modern arts paintings then this is definitely a good place for you art lovers out there. hey it’s not MoMA but eh free arts never hurt anybody, right?! 🙂



As of right now (10/23/2015) Smorgasburg Coney Island is still open so you might want to check them out before the cold winter is here. 🙂

Smorgasburg @ Coney Island
Address: 1320 Bowery St (at Stillwell Avenue)
Hours: Thursday – Sunday 1 – 10 PM
Nearest Transit: Coney Island – Stillwell Avenue D,F,N,Q trains, Brooklyn and Manhattan buses: B68, B74, B64, B82, B36, X28*

*) ps: please note that X (express) bus only goes to and from Manhattan on weekdays. the fare is not the same as regular bus/subway.

Yours Truly 🙂