Hello and welcome to my website and also my personal blog 🙂

First and foremost, I am a Leo woman who currently pursuing my M.A. after recently graduated with a B.B.A. Currently I live in New York City and previously have lived in Indonesia, Singapore, and also Malaysia. When I am asked whether I will make NYC my permanent home for the future, I am always confused because I also like the idea of living in the UK someday (preferably London). Unfortunately, London’s weather is a lil bit dull and it does not have extreme winter weather unlike NYC and surrounding Tri-State area so I’d say “Yes” to NYC as my permanent home.

In general, I would consider myself a Foodie because I love to eat and experience new foods and restaurants more than any other activities. However, I rarely munch myself in a sweet indulging cakes because I do not really have a sweet tooth unlike all other ladies out there. My weakness in the dessert area would be ice cream, gelato, and sorbet. Sometimes I also enjoy pies and cheesecakes but for some reason, my tongue is very picky in these types of desserts.

Aside from being a foodie, I also love fashion. Heck, my first degree even very much related to the fashion industry itself. But please do not expect me to dress from head to toe like a walking mannequin or model that also appears in NY fashion week or store’s window display. Living in a city like NYC with its unpredictable weather forces me sometimes to neglect the idea of dressing up like in the tropics. Even if I want to dress up, it would have to wait until the weather is somewhat warmer. Trust me, if you only visit NYC for a mere 5-7 days then please feel free to dress up like the current trend. However, if you are planning to move here and stay for more than a year, it’s up to your own risk when you dress for the kill during brutal winter season. Don’t yap later on when you actually catch cold or flu or get sick just because you have to look exactly like inside a Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar page.

Traveling is in my blood and I have to travel somewhere at least once in a month. Lately I have been very busy thus prevented me to travel to another state let alone another country. Just for the record, I have been to more than 125 cities around the globe and because of postgraduate degree (which does not come cheap here in the States), my traveling idea to South America had to be postpone until 2017. However though, for me traveling does not have to be somewhere far. You could always go to another state (or even in the same state) and you will be surprised that there are plenty of things you haven’t seen. Because I love traveling, I also love the aviation world. I love flying and the longer the flight, the better. Even way before they installed AVOD on the back of the airplane seat, I already loved flying. My mom even said that I was so occupied with books and magazines inside the airplane that I rarely made tantrum or disturb other passengers. Well, i guess being an ambivert made it better for me.

I love anything about theater arts, performing arts, musics, movies, screenwriting, film making, photography, and all sorts of stuff. I love all kinds of music but a sucker for classical music and oldies. Don’t get me wrong, i love modern music too (tho i am quite picky when it comes to buying the CD or downloading the songs from iTunes). My favorite composer is Tchaikovsky and I could listen to his work all day long and not even getting tired of it. I have met several well known singers, authors, public figures, musicians, etc. but more details about this will have to wait until I write a post about them.

Any other things that i have not mention? Feel free to ask me on the comment section and i will reply back. 🙂

Yours Truly 🙂

P.S.: yes, I’m taken. 🙂


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