The Foodie Duos Trip: #thefoodieduostravel – Introduction

Before i begin, i apologize in advance for the lack of updates. I have no idea why i am in a lazy mode lately. I had tons of ideas months ago on what to write but it never seems to be written down on drafts. Never mind about writing down, i have tons of videos that i need to edit and upload on Youtube.

So why the delay you may ask?

Honestly, i don’t know.

I have been dealing with family issues and trust me, it’s not that simple to resolved. Especially when you have someone who think differently than you and starts to mock up some stories in order for you to believe. And then you have another version of story from another person. And so on and so forth.

See, another rambling.

Anyhow, if you follow my Instagram then you probably already knew about my summer break trip to the countryside in Pennsylvania with my beloved boobear. Even tho it was short and kinda in a rush (i tell ya, 4 days getaway is not enough!:P) but we had a blast. It was a very needed break from the big Apple. Don’t get me wrong, i’m a big city woman and i love NYC but there are times when i just want to escape the hecticness of the city. And surprisingly, this trip has won this woman’s heart on living her future life someday in a small town.

Ok that seems very very early but yea lol.

So boobear and i discussed on this trip and possibilities on some places to go around 1.5 months ago. The planning however did not begin until like 3 weeks ago before the 4th of July. He suggested Lake George in Upstate NY, countryside in Pennsylvania, and many other places on the East Coast. I have been to Lancaster PA and the surrounding towns about 3 years ago but haven’t really explored that much because i went there during the winter. We were like glued to the computer to what it seems like eternity until we finally settled on Countryside trip in Pennsylvania. We also did some thorough research on where to go, where to stay, what to do, etc.

The stories will be written into approx. 4-6 posts. I will try to put as much information as i can but it will take me lots of time to upload the pictures, the videos, and write down the words. Please bear with me and stay tune for our Day 1 Trip!

Yours Truly 🙂


The Foodie Duos: CAFE LALO for DESSERTS!

Diet starts tomorrow.

or at least that’s what in CC’s mind LOL.

After the nice Italian feast at Bellini, BB and CC decided to walk around. CC asked BB if he wanted to go to Amorino but alas, Amorino closed early (dang them LOL) so they went to their favorite cafe instead.

what else than the romantic Cafe Lalo.

always save a room for dessert, guys!

Yours Truly 🙂

The Foodie Duos: Italian Feast at BELLINI

before I continue, most of the videos that I uploaded and posted here were all recorded wayyy back during spring.
I have tonsss of videos that I need to edit and they take time to be compiled into a beautiful masterpiece.

yes, when I say masterpiece I mean I am that perfectionist when it comes to editing. I don’t have any Adobe application for the moment so bear with me with the slow progress.


BB already treated me steak for our anniversary dinner. Now it is my turn to treat him.


Yours Truly 🙂

CC The Foodie Duos: Oaxaca Part 2!

I love Mexican Food. I really do.

In fact, one of my quick go-to meal that I can easily prepare at home without wasting too much time is Mexican food.

However tho, certain Mexican foods are so time consuming that I’d rather get them somewhere else.

like enchiladas.

I like quesadillas but I find enchiladas to be much more flavorful. even in terms of presentation.

I have watched dozens of videos on how to make enchiladas. I will definitely make my own someday when I have a lot of spare time.

in the mean time, allow me to share with you the enchiladas that I got from Oaxaca (read: o-a-ha-ka) Taqueria in UWS. I got the shrimp one. I love the enchiladas. It was not 10/10 however taste wise, I’d definitely come back for more.

happy drooling!

Yours Truly 🙂

Around NYC: What’s Interesting According To CC

CC is always in the move therefore she (and of course BB) always capture whatever attracts her eyes.

Like these videos for instance:

warning: some of the videos may be very irritating to those who are on a diet. apologies in advance 😀

so how are you guys doing?

Hello July. We are officially halfway through the end of 2016.

excited? sad?

gimme your thoughts on that. would love to read them!

till then, see you guys later!

Yours Truly 🙂