QMOTD: Naruto Ramen

First of all, let me be clear that I am not a competitive eater like that Japanese girl who could easily finish 4 to 5 lbs of noodles. However, I am a woman who enjoys eating noodle (any type) more than grain. So if you are on a diet, I apologize in advance as this post will definitely ruin your diet and appetite.

I was not sure whether I wanted to go to Halal Guys for their lamb over rice or just grab a quick bite of salad to go at Whole Foods but then I realized one thing: I have been wanting to go to Naruto Ramen for quite some time especially after I saw their ad on Chopsticks magazine. So I dragged my lazy butt and took the 1 train all the way to 100th street (despite the rain, yes I hate the rain with passion). As soon as I got in, this friendly waitress greeted me and told me I could sit wherever I want.


Nice painting of a Japanese girl


you can choose the table or the bar seating


condiments: fried garlic, rayu (chilli oil), togarashi pepper, sesame oil, and sriracha look a like sauce


I have heard about the level 5 hell ramen contest held by this place and was wondering about it. I told the waitress that I wanted the spicy mega naruto ramen and asked about the level of spiciness they offered. unfortunately, the contest thing is only for the kimchi ramen. however, if for instance, the spicy naruto is not that spicy for my taste bud then I can order extra chilli flakes if I want to. She also mentioned that mega ramen portion is twice as big as the regular one but I told her it won’t be a problem. I ordered that and patiently waited for my bowl.

And boy, it was indeed HUGE!


Spicy Mega Naruto Ramen


This is BIG! $16


Name? Naruto Ramen (Upper West Side branch)

Where? 2634 Broadway, New York, NY, 10025 (nearest transit: 103rd ST 1 Train, M104 bus)

Hours: Mon – Sun 12PM – 11PM

Type: ramen, Japanese appetizers: gyoza, fried rice, edamame, quick Japanese food

$ meter: $-$$

Reservation: No

Extra notes: credit card accepted (with a minimum purchase), good for parties of 2-4, limited table seating, bar type seating, fast service

What I ordered? Spicy Mega Naruto Ramen

To Sum Up: So basically, I had the ramen like 5 hours ago and I still feel full as I am typing this one. The ramen consists of one full tamago (egg), minced pork, roast pork meat, chili flakes, scallion, onion, bean sprouts, cabbages, nori, bamboo shoots, naruto maki, and of course the springy chewy curly noodle itself. The broth based I believe was more of a shoyu type of broth but very flavorful. the waitress came back and asked about the taste, I told her I should be okay by now I do not need any more chili. to be honest, it did not really taste spicy at all however consider I want to finish the whole bowl then I tried not to add anymore condiments. the noodle was like I said, the curly type — of which I like. the egg was done right, the pork itself was delicious — just tender and juicy. and for those who love bean sprouts and cabbages: say no more! you will be thankful because they added plenty of them in my bowl.

Conclusion: hearty portion, fast and attentive service, I will definitely be back!

Yours Truly 🙂


2 thoughts on “QMOTD: Naruto Ramen

  1. porsinya guede juga ya bowww… ini akibat setelah liat foto2 mie gue wiken kemarin ya? hahahahah…
    Lia, next time kayaknya gue butuh pertolongan elo buat translate bahan2 makanan… hihihihi (typical gak mau susah)… asik gue baca bahan2 makanan di sini terus gue google dan baru…ooooh, yg ini namanya seperti ini in English 🙂

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