Christila Watched: 140TH Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show @ MSG

This post is dedicated to all canine lovers out there 🙂

For those of you who are not that familiar with WKC dog show, click here for more information.

WKC is one of the oldest dog show that still run up to this date. According to what the host said when I watched this at Madison Square Garden, it is one of the oldest animal-related show in the United States after Kentucky Darby. I had the pleasure of watching this live 3 years ago when Banana Joe the Affenpinscher won Best In Show. If you scroll through my channel, you will find videos that I filmed with my G12.

This year, I only attended the Tuesday show on 2/16/16. I have persuaded BB to actually go on the Monday show one but he said he’d rather just chill and relax at home during President’s Day. We eventually watched the Monday show on TV. The Tuesday show judged 3 groups and also crowned Best In Show winner. The groups were Working, Sporting, and Terrier. If you think that witnessing dogs being judged is an easy peasy task, think again! I could tell from the judge’s expression that it was such a tough competition that night, consider all the 7 winners from each group were so terrific! In the end, only 1 could be the Best In Show. Congratulation to CJ the German Shorthaired Pointer for winning Best In Show. And congratulation to Valerie-Nunes Atkinson as the owner and handler of CJ. CJ is truly a magnificent dog!

Say no more, enjoy the videos!

Happy watching! I’ll see you on my other post! 😉

Yours Truly 🙂


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