When In Doubt: Grand Sichuan House

Hello Foodies! And welcome February!

As much as I love Chinese Food, there are times when I really crave the authentic Chinese Food (not Americanized one) that boasts the different layers of flavors. Be it like regular Cantonese / Hong Kong style, Shanghainese style, Szechuan / Sichuan style, Xi’an style, and so forth. Luckily, I live in NYC where there are still an ample of good Chinese places even tho sometimes I have to sacrifice time and money in order to dine there.

Like always, Yelp and Instagram are New York Foodies best friends. Browsed through Yelp about some good places in Brooklyn and my search led me to Grand Sichuan House. I looked thoroughly at the reviews, the menu, and within minutes I was sold. Especially since they have the extensive Sichuan menu which was rather daring for the western taste buds. And good for me, I love Sichuan cuisines because they tend to be much more spicier and flavorful.

Boo and I arrived at around 6.50 pm that night and it was almost 90% full with mostly Chinese patrons. We got in and scored a table in the back and immediately scanned through the menu. I already knew what I wanted but boo had to look back and forth. He said he was willing to try the Sichuan menu so I decided to order something a bit ‘safe’ for us. I ordered us both dan dan mian aka dan dan noodles, wonton in red chilli oil to share, and a plate of crispy shrimp with salt and pepper. he said he was still pretty full so we decided to just omit the rice.


dan dan mian


wonton in red chili oil


crispy shrimp with salt and pepper


The reason why I was so excited to go to Grand Sichuan is because I have been craving a good dan dan mian for so long. This place knew exactly how to execute a delicious dan dan mian. the noodle itself was very chewy and springy and the minced meat  was so tender and flavorful. Actually to be honest, the portion was quite big for one person but to me it was perfect! Boo said it was a bit salty but nevertheless he did enjoy the noodle. He even mentioned on having it again lol! As for the wonton, well it was very delicious! I mean, they were not skimpy with the meat inside and the wrapper was light too! The chili oil was not that hot which was fine because sometimes you just wanted a good amount of heat for certain dish. Now for the entrée, well, the crispy salt and pepper shrimp really did the justice. The shrimps were lightly battered and fried to perfection and I just could not imagine how flavorful it was! I mean like honestly, it’s a simple dish but the way they cooked it was mind blowing. I guess for certain dish, the lesser the ingredients the better it will turn out! 😀

Overall, boo and I really enjoyed the food at Grand Sichuan House and rest assured, we will definitely be back to try other foods! I told him that I was so curious about the Chengdu aromatic spicy fish, spicy and aromatic soft shell crab, and crispy pig intestines. The service was quite attentive and fast and they always refill your water whenever it’s already half empty. Our bill came to $30 before tips so it was very worth it! Just like any other mom and pop establishments, this restaurant is not big so if you come there during lunch or dinner time, be prepare to wait a little for table.

Grand Sichuan House.
Address: 8701 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11029
Phone: 718-680-8887
Hours: Mon-Sun 11AM – 10.30PM
$ meter: $-$$ Inexpensive – Affordable
Nearest Transit: 86th St R train, B1 and B63 buses.

Yours Truly 🙂