Winter Storm Jonas in NYC – the day after the storm 1/24/2016

I am back.

And forgive me for the hiatus. trust me, life has been up and down lately.

So after Jonas dumped quite a significant amount of snow in NYC, the sun was out and it was time to clean up. well, at least for some.

Enjoy the video, peeps!

Yours Truly 🙂


Winter Storm Jonas in NYC – the videos

So as we all know, East coast of USA was hit by the lovely winter storm Jonas last week. Record breaking snow was created everywhere, including New York City. Central Park reading shows 26.8 inches, a bit of shy from the all time 2006 record with 26.9 inches.

A lot of people (as I am writing this now) are still shoveling and cleaning the sidewalk and street. Temps begin to rise up but at the same time it’s starting to drop again, meaning cleaning up is gonna be difficult at least until next week when we are expecting another warm 55 degrees temp again.

I am not gonna talk much but please enjoy the devastation Jonas has brought to NYC last week. 🙂

Yours Truly 🙂


Quick Meal Of The Day: Udon from Raku

In order to fulfill the request from some of the peeps out there, I decided to create a new category for food porn galore.

We welcome QMOTD aka Quick Meal Of The Day!

The post that lies under this category will be short and simple. There’ll be no video (most likely will never be) but there will be snap shots of the food. Information regarding the food and the restaurant will be given however I will keep it as short as possible!

So, let’s start!

Name? RAKU

Where? 342 E 6TH ST, New York, NY, 10003

Hours: 12 PM to 11 PM Mon – Sun

Type: Japanese, Udon, Snacks, donburi, noodle

$ meter: $$

Reservation: No

Extra notes: Cash Only, Small Place, Cramped, Not good for parties over 4.

What I ordered? Kamonan Udon – $ 18


Kamonan Udon from RAKU


Kamonan Udon – duck and negi/scallion


To Sum Up: tasty udon, tasty broth, tender finger licking good duck breast. very generous with scallion, a good hearty portion for this cold winter day/night. best udon I have ever had in a while despite the fact that I am more of a ramen girl.

Conclusion: I WILL BE BACK!

Yours Truly 🙂



My Go To Place: Argo Tea

Do you have a favorite place to get your morning dose of caffeine or tea or breakfast or any type of snack in particular?

I do.

I used to frequent that chain of coffee with Kenny G look-a-like logo on the window. Yes, I used to worship that place like crazy. Even long before people raved about that chain, I already fell in love with their caramel macchiato and Frappuccino. I remember my favorite dose would be either caramel frap, caramel macch, tall iced latte, green tea frap, or sometimes just a regular iced coffee with milk and sugar. And when Christmas times come, I love their hazelnut latte!

Years gone by and I did not even bother on checking another place. (oops, I did fell in love with Coffee Bean! 🙂 )

When I moved to NYC, I still frequent “S” and “CB” but I developed another love for different types of coffee place too. I even had a regular café and bodega that knew exactly what I wanted in the morning — which normally my day would be started with a hot/iced coffee with milk and sugar and also hot/iced chai latte or hot/iced green tea latte.

That is until I began moving to another area and another school and another different types of work place.

During that time period, I found Argo Tea.

Well technically I knew about Argo from Whole Foods because that is where they also sell their tea products too. I tried their ginger honey tea once and I instantly got hooked. However, for $3ish per bottle it felt like a burden but then I realized; I even spent way more for that tall caramel frap I used to frequent at ‘S’. so why not I actually pay more for a better quality of tea?

As if on cue, I stumbled upon Argo’s tea store located in Columbus Circle area.

And now some of the employees are actually aware of my liking! like for instance, whenever I go to their CC branch in the evening, one of the woman who works there smiled at me and constantly said “hot or cold chocolate mint?!”. I could not help but smile back at her. LOL.


my usual favorite. small iced chocolate mint. 2% milk. earl grey tea.


And yes, as I am writing this one, I am sipping my favorite 🙂

Don’t worry you caffeine lovers, they also provide Illy coffee so you will definitely get your cuppa joe there as well!

other favorites? well they have bubble tea too – which sometimes I also order when I am in the mood for something different. their chai latte seems to be on point as well. they also have quite a selection of pastries so rest assured, you can have a snack there too!

I can only speak for CC location but there you will find plenty of plug-ins for your laptop/tablets and lots of chairs to sit and relax. and do not worry, there is Wi-Fi and it is fast!

p.s.: I heard that they also provide membership that will eventually score you a free drinks after certain points so do check that out!

Argo Tea website:

Yours Truly 🙂

Happy New Year 2016 :) Feeling French at La Gamelle ;)

Hello guys! Happy New Year!

So what did you guys do on New Year’s Eve? Did you party like a rock star or just hanging out at home or just having a small dinner while counting down the clock? regardless of what you did, The Foodie Duos would like to wish everyone of you a Happy New Year! May this 2016 brings us more luck, more joy, more good health, and happiness! as for me, I just want a new job. and yea, for real I am! 🙂

Boo and I went to La Gamelle in LES to celebrate the NYE and NY. We got the 9.30 pm table, dined for at least two hours, drank some wine (I drank too much actually lol), and just relaxed before we finally got out at around 1AM. The foods there were outstanding and delicious and I can honestly say I will definitely go back with boo!


boo and his Chardonnay 🙂


Smile! 🙂


Lobster bisque. Delicious!


Escargots. Another delicious appetizer!!


My entrée: Duck a’la orange ! C’est magnifique!


His entrée: Colorado rack of lamb. Cooked to perfection!


Funny story about the New Year’s Eve was that we were literally without plan at least until Dec 27th 2015 when all of a sudden I asked boo whether he wanted to do Korean BBQ or French for New Year’s Eve. He said he was game for any type of food but my procrastinating mood was back so I decided to hold back from making any reservation until Dec 29th 2015. I had this some sort of panic attack and I flipped thru the contact number and immediately called La Gamelle and hoping that they still had table for NYE. I was so nervous I actually sweat when I called them and even sweat some more when they said they’re looking for available table. Turned out they still had the 9.30 one and I put my name and booked it. Phew!

p.s.: lesson learned here folks! if you have any type of celebration and want the best seat then make sure to book ahead! 😀

Anyway, we had the NYE menu for the night. We got amuse bouche (which I believed was the cheese pastry and the pate), lobster bisque and escargots for appetizers, duck a’la orange and rack of lamb for entrees, and petit desserts and soufflés for desserts. yes, we both got 2 desserts each! The amuse bouche was definitely tasty and on the spot — too bad I did not take any pictures from this. my bad. The lobster bisque was unusual because it had this puff pastry on the top which reminds me of pot pie. The bisque itself was delicious and fragrant with lots of lobster meats inside. My escargots came out delicious too — my only con was I wish they serve more than 6 because it was so addicting! lol. My duck a’la orange was so juicy, tender, and flavorful. I had been craving duck for quite some time so I was extremely pleased with Gamelle’s duck. Boo had Colorado’s rack of lamb which was cooked to perfection. When I said cooked to perfection meaning exactly how you had to cook rack of lamb. so tender, lots of flavor, perfect rare, and moist — definitely a treat if you really like lamb! We paired all our foods and desserts with a bottle of Chardonnay which was delicious too. I mean, it’s a 2014 but it has this beautiful fresh and fruity flavor to it. And desserts? drum roll we had this softly bubbly sweet passion fruit soufflé and a selection of small petit cakes which consists of éclairs, fruit tarts, and a vanilla custardy marshmallow. everything was just perfect!

The bill came to around $220ish (with wine) but it was very worth it consider it was New Year’s Eve and plenty of places in NYC actually put a price tag more than $100 per person. This one without the drink costs at $78/pp and you got an app, an entrée, and two desserts! I mean, where can you actually score that type of deal nowadays in New York especially during NYE?!?

and yes, sorry for no pictures of the desserts but I just uploaded a teaser video for you guys:

Happy New Year and I’ll see you guys soon on my next post!

La Gamelle:
241 Bowery, New York, NY, 10002
Phone: 212-388-0052
$ meter: affordable to expensive $$-$$$
Reservations: walk-in accepted, reserve thru phone and
Nearest Transit: 2nd Avenue F train, Bowery J and Z trains.

Yours Truly 🙂