Goodbye Auntie, I Will See You Again!

Sometimes I wonder.

Sometimes I complain.

Sometimes I cry.

Why does God allow horrible things happen to good people?

Why doesn’t God terminate bad people immediately?

But then I realize,

Everyone has their own purpose in this world. Some are meant to live longer, some are meant to live shorter.

And God gave me this passage:

“I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.” – 2 Timothy 4:7

My beloved aunt, she has finished her race in earth and is now with the Lord in Heaven.

I received the news from my mom while i was in the train commuting back home. I sat still and just went quiet for a while. so quiet that i nearly missed my stop. the feeling of annoyance, guilt, sadness came to me. I wish i could be with my aunt during her battle with her illness for the past few months. I wish i could hold her hand but God said differently. I live so far away that i just wish i could have realized it sooner.

auntie, I know sometimes I made you upset. I know sometimes you get annoyed with the pranks and the jokes i made about you. I know sometimes i forgot to call you on the phone. But remember this: I love you from the bottom of my heart and I always will. I am sorry for not picking up the phone when your house phone dialed my cell few weeks ago. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

But God told me no need to worry. Because I will see you again in Heaven. And I believe it.

Goodbye, Auntie. Rest In Peace.


When Feeling Special: Wasan

So last month i booked a table through opentable at Wasan. I was indeed feeling special. Special because it was an anniversary (even though a week faster due to something else) with boo.

I googled Wasan’s menu and i literally got hooked. I felt that it would be the perfect place for boo and i to eat and spend Saturday night. Even way better, they have this thing called Chef’s tasting menu. Basically you pay $55 per person and you could taste the chef’s tasting menu that consists of appetizers, entrees, and desserts.

Originally i booked the 8.00 PM table but since i got stuck in the subway (thanks a lot MTA) so i changed it into 9.00 and finally changed it for 9.30 because (again) i felt the train was gonna be delayed. lo and behold, the train ran so slow it seems like forever.

We got off at 8th Street NYU station around 9.15 and walked for about 10 minutes before finally reached the restaurant. while we were walking, there was a crazy (probably drunk) guy standing in the middle of the street screaming weird sentences. poor girlfriend, she had to convince him to get up. eventually we saw him again later on. ๐Ÿ˜›

we arrived at Wasan around 9.26 and waited for about a minute before we were seated. the place itself is small but it has quite a handful of tables and also a bar where you can grab a sake or beer (incase you don’t want any table). i remember there is a big table in the back, possibly suitable for a party of 5 or 6.

So, what did we order? (beware of foodporn lol)


Amuse: asparagus and burdock, sweet sesame paste

this Amuse thing was so perfect as it really opened our tastebuds. the asparagus and burdocks were so crisp and the sauce was so tasty! I could eat this like a snack everyday!


Grilled scallop, shrimp, and squid salad

Now, how many times did you order squid or scallop only to realize that those two always ended up over cooked or rubbery or just plain dull? Not at Wasan. all the seafoods were so fresh and cooked to perfection boo and i literally did not want to finish eating those. and the sauce for the salad, again tasty and fresh.


Assorted sashimi

sashimi has to be eaten fresh. period. and Wasan did not disappoint. all three of them (salmon, tuna, and i believe yellowtail) were so fresh that we wish they serve more than just couple of pieces. and the wasabi was fresh too.


Grilled Spanish mackerel in sweet vinegar

this is boo’s second appetizer. i actually liked it. the mackerel was cooked just right. and the sauce was great too.


Balsamic chicken, green tartar sauce

Now seriously, that green tartar sauce is THE BOMB! it went well with the chicken (which was again, very juicy and cooked to perfection) and also the balsamic. they also served fried lotus root and (again) i wish they would serve more than just two pieces. ๐Ÿ˜€


Stone grilled sirloin steak

boo and i opted for the same main entree which is stone grilled sirloin steak. they gave you the hot stone for you to cook the meat. for the dipping sauce, boo and i was discussing whether they actually put sake into the sauce or not. he said they might put some sake while i think they did not put sake instead they used ponzu and probably lil bit of ginger into it. silly us, should have just asked the waiter ๐Ÿ˜› anyway, regarding the taste, well this is more like yakiniku thingy so all you need to do is just grill them on the hot stone for like 3-4 minutes and then dip it into the sauce. the beef they used was excellent. not wagyu but it was still darn good.


Strawberry coconut with Wasan Junmai Sake sorbet

this last one, the dessert — boo and i opted for the same dessert. seriously, while typing this, i am longing for that ice cream as it was so delicious! words cannot describe how delicious that ice cream was — and the sake sorbet was so good too! even though it contained alcohol but it was made just right. and they also gave two small pieces of cookies which were awesome. Man, if only i live in East Village i would drop by every day just for the dessert. ๐Ÿ˜‰

In conclusion, Wasan is a very nice spot for those of you who want to experience something different. The food and desserts were just awesome — i mean even if you don’t want to try the chef’s tasting menu you can still find other selections as well. but yeah, this place is perfect for hanging out with friends or dates or even just by yourself. heard they serve delicious uni bowl. and yes, every friday and saturday, they have ramen after 10 PM.

P.S: the chef’s tasting menu change every month so make sure to visit their website first.

P.P.S: reservation is very recommended. it’s not fancy Per Se or La Bernardin but the restaurant itself is small. Unless you want to sit in the bar.

Address: 108 East 4th Street, New York, NY, 10003 (b/w 1st and 2nd avenue)
Phone: 212-777-1978
Hours: Mon : 6pm – 10:30pm
Tue : 6pm – 10:30pm
Wed : 6pm – 10:30pm
Thu : 6pm – 10:30pm
Fri : 6pm – 1am
Sat : 6pm – 1am
Sun : 5pm – 10:30pm
Nearest Transit: 2nd Avenue F trainย (close by), 8th St NYU N,R trains (about 10 mins walking), Astor Place 6 train (about 10 mins walking), Bleecker St 6 train (about 6-7 mins walking)

Live away from Manhattan? Good luck!

We New Yorkers are born tough.

We New Yorkers love using our feet to go almost anywhere.


We despise the subway system runs by Metropolitan Transit Authority aka MTA. Why? Just take a look at these notifications:






What sucks is that, if you are already underground then less likely you will be connected to the wifi and you will ended up getting stuck AT LEAST ten minutes because either there is a train traffic or signal malfunction problems.

So, it is our breakfast every single day as a New Yorker to always check on website and we always pray / fingers crossed that the announcement won’t be something like this picture:

Yes, that’s how tough we are.

and to those New Yorkers who live in Manhattan, just be thankful to yourselves! At least you don’t have to suffer as much as we do.

Yours Truly ๐Ÿ™‚

Ps: suddenly i miss my old UWS neighborhood. I’ll be back and live there again someday! I promise!


I feel the need to upload this.

POTD – Picture Of The Day

today’s potd is…


MTA’s always one step ahead in improving the service – NOT!

The beloved MTA’s construction car and the workers.

Supposedly they were doing construction work on the weekend for 7 line BUT as we all know how MTA was, plenty of time to work later on but first things first – chit chattering while munching the donuts and sipping hot cuppa joe…

Isn’t life beautiful?!?

meanwhile, there has been a rumor that they’re gonna raise the fare again to $3.15 — yeah right!

Ah well, never a dull moment!

Till next time, fellas! Yours truly ๐Ÿ™‚

My Easter 2015 Celebration

Before i start, i would like to apologize for the lack of updates. Trust me, life has been so hectic for me that i barely able to enjoy my own me-time after school and work. The onlyย showsย i saw on TV were either news at 11, late show with Letterman, late late show with James Corsden ( did i spell it right? ) or sometimes a little bit of morning talkshows before i head out to start my daily activity. Thank God that i am still able to spend quality time with boo on weekend — which is a plus b/c that means bye bye looking at my phone or any other things.

Anyhow anyway, last Easter on 4/5/15 boo, me, and his parents went to this lovely restaurant in Brooklyn called Marco Polo. We went straight after the Sunday Easter mass in the afternoon and arrived at around 3ish pm. Since it was still early so boo and i decided to walk around the other store while his folks went other way. We went to this little bakery where i bought eclairs and custard puffs (indonesian folks would know this as kue soes lol). I forgot the bakery’s name but their pastries surely were delicious. While i was eating the eclair, boo informed me that his folks were already seated so we decided to go inside.


Marco Polo may not be the trendiest or hippest dining place but they surely did have delicious foods! Felt more like dining at the next door neighbor you already knew for years. As a foodie, i could not care less about the interior although i must say i did feel homey there. And that is a good thing ๐Ÿ˜‰

Since it was Easter Sunday so the patrons who dined there were expected to order the special Easter package which normally came with a choice of appetizer, entree, and a dessert. Truthfully, i have no idea how much the costs of the Easter lunch per person but i think it is a pretty good bargain consider this restaurant is not the type you want to come everyday lol. (it was reasonable but then again, we’re talking about average New Yorkers)


We started with a glass of Pinot Grigio (did i tell you how much i love white wine?!). I ordered buffalo ravioli for my appetizer while boo ordered hot antipasto. J ordered same appetizer as mine while A had some spaghetti thingy. For the entree, everybody had the rack of lamb leg. For desserts, A and i ordered tiramisu while boo ordered cheesecake and J ordered some type of ice cream.


I loved my ravioli. It literally melt in my mouth — too bad they only served four lol. A said his appetizer was ok while boo said his was great. J also liked the ravioli. As for entree, we all LOVEDDD the lamb! I wish i could make that lamb at home. Lol. The lamb was so tender and juicy i wiped the sauce like crazy lol. As for dessert? I liked the tiramisu, boo’s cheesecake was delicious, A did not say anything while J said her ice cream was okay.

So, was it worth it? Heck yeah, if i have a chance to go back i’d definitely go back and try their other selections of foods and desserts.

Marco Polo Ristorante
Address: 345 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11231
Phone: 718-852-5015
Nearest Transit: F and G train Carroll St subway station about 2-3 blocks away.

Yours Truly ๐Ÿ™‚