Grand Central Market NY – a slice of heaven for foodies

Next time you are visiting Grand Central Terminal in New York City, stop gazing at the ceiling for gazilion minutes and roam around the terminal. If you walk slowly, most likely you’ll be bumped by the busy commuters who dislike the slow paced tourists in groups. However, you might want to walk slowly (not too slow tho) because to find this jewel is not gonna be easy.

Most first time tourists (visitors) will ended up at Grand Central by either taking the 4,5,6,7 trains or by shuttle (S) train or if you are a bit posh then Metro North (less likely unless commuters) or by cab which will drop them at either 42nd and Vanderbilt or 42nd and Park. If you think that Grand Central has only couple of entrance, well think again buddy! So far i have used five entrances which connected me to Grand Central lobby (i’m not talking about the S shuttle entrance located by 42nd and Madison). However, not many peeps actually enter Grand Central from 42nd and Lexington which unfortunately is the closest way to where this jewel is located.

Yes Grand Central has a lot of restaurants and even dining concourse on the basement level but don’t you actually want to experience the real market feel? How about picking up the freshest catch of the day and then pair it with some fresh linguine with marinara sauce while looking at the deliciously displayed pecan pie? Or perhaps you need a hard to find spices for your exotic cuisine you’re gonna make later for dinner?


Shrimps, scallops, fishes – oh my!


Crab cakes lover will definitely have fun in here 😉


I am a ravioli addict and finding this section makes me feel like high on drug (joking aside) lol


Don’t you just want to make love with the cheeses?!? (Ok not really but cheese lovers out there??)


If you like exotic spices then welcome home!


Tea lovers will definitely feel like they are in Heaven already


Got these for my dinner last week. Shrimp and crab rolls plus two arthicokes. They were sooo good! I’m literally drooling right now.

Yes Grand Central Market is not the largest market in New York City but to think that this little jewel has everything you need then there is no reason not to stop by and look around what they offer. If you are just visiting then i may suggest try the shrimp and crab rolls from Pescatore. Boy, the most delicious rolls i have ever tasted my whole life. Or if you have a sweet tooth then look no further as Eli Zabar has lots of pastries, cookies, pies, even macarons.

So foodies, put on your shoes and start experiencing Grand Central Market. See you around 🙂

PS: no, i am not paid by Grand Central Market or Grand Central Terminal to promote them.

PPS: technically Grand Central Market is located inside Grand Central Terminal however the back entrance at Lexington Avenue between 42nd and 43rd is the easiest way to the market without being afraid of bumped by strangers. Then after you are done you can proceed strolling around the terminal. If you are still hungry and crave for burger well they have Shake Shack down by the dining concourse. 😉

Yours Truly 🙂


Happy (Belated) Birthday Karen Carpenter!


11 Days ago, you would have turned 64.

11 Days ago, you would have celebrated your birthday with Richard and your beloved fans.

11 Days ago, you probably would have performed at CBS or NBC or ABC – possibly “Close To You” or “Superstar” as the selected songs.

11 Days ago, I probably would be glueing to my laptop or tablet or TV recording your video and then upload it to my website or my YouTube account. Or as if I am too imaginative, I probably would have meet you somewhere for a meet and greet and have my CDs signed and take pictures with you.

Unfortunately, that will never happen 😦

You were taken so fast, I was not even born yet when you passed away.

But one thing for sure, I grew up listening to your music. I grew up watching your music videos and sometimes pretended to be you with my microphone in my hand. (Superstar mode on)

I always thought, God she and Richard were so awesome together!

I even had my haircut looks like you too.

Oh Karen, how I wish you were still here.

This post is dedicated to you, Karen.

Happy Birthday Karen! 🙂

P.S.: learn more about Karen here

Yours Truly 🙂

Renee Fleming – Ave Maria

Last Thursday was a sad day for Catholics in NYC. They lost a dearly beloved Cardinal. Cardinal Egan.

Cardinal Egan was the Archbishop of New York from 2000 to 2009.

Not just among Catholics, Cardinal Egan was also famous among all New Yorkers. Even though I have not moved here during his days as the Archbishop, I admired him for his devout faith and work for Christ.

The mass at St. Patrick’s was broadcasted on CBS2 and Renee Fleming was the appointed singer for the funeral mass. She sang Ave Maria and lo and behold it was so beautiful I nearly cried. I recorded some parts of the songs with my iPhone so I am trying to share the video with you even though the quality might be disappointing for some.

Nevertheless, please enjoy this song. I guarantee you will love it. And hopefully you will start growing to love Renee Fleming as much as I do. 🙂


Yours Truly 🙂

Winter Storm Thor 3/5/15

15 days before spring and Mister Winter paid another visit to the Northeast, including New York City. Weather Channel named this storm “Thor” but for me, it was nothing spectacular. Trust me, I have dealt with much worse than this (especially after they were wrong during last January prediction of the so-called blizzard). I guess Thor was just trying to pass by without dumping a significant amount of snow.

Snow measurements around NYC and tri-state area were pretty varied. Last time i checked, Jamaica got around 7 inches while Central Park got like 5 inches or so. My area, um, around 4 inches. If you go to the suburbs part of New Jersey, then it could go up to 8 inches or more. Will there be another period of snow before we officially enter Spring season on March 20th? Who knows! You can never predict mother nature.

I always like winter weather so thank God for another snow (winter haters out there will definitely want to close my post after this, sorry lol). Pictures below were taken after the storm ended. I have posted some of those on Instagram so you might have seen them already.


Let it snow, let it snow.



What a beautiful sight, we are happy tonight. Walking in the winter wonderland.



Do you want to build a snowman?



MTA worker at 52nd St Subway station. working hard, eh? 🙂



Had a nice chai latte at Starbucks.


Meanwhile on the other hand, Delta Flight 1086 skidded off runway 13 while attempted landing at La Guardia Airport around 11 AM the same day. minor injuries reported but Thank God everyone on board was okay. photo courtesy of ABC news online.


And as if one was not enough, Harrison Ford’s plane crashed while attempted to land on a golf course. Thank God he only suffered minor injuries. Photo snapshot courtesy of New York Times.


Makes you really wonder and think that life on earth is indeed full of surprises.

Weather is gonna warm up by next week. Have you plan anything exciting for the spring break? I haven’t plan anything yet but I will be seeing a Broadway show with boo sometime in the end of March. What about you?

Yours Truly 🙂

P.S: Daylight saving begins again this weekend. Ugh, I never like the DST. adjust your clock, New Yorkers!

The Power of Prayer

There are times when I feel like anxious or nervous or just scared or filled with sorrow and emptiness.

Like what I felt an hour ago before I wrote this.

To be honest, when I care and love someone significant it will be hard for me to not to think how is he/she doing right now. Be it boo or my family or close friend of mine, i guess it is in my nature to always think of them.

Especially when I don’t hear from them. My minds started to think a lot of things, like “are they okay” or “must be something i did or said earlier made them upset”. Then i felt guilty. And sad.

But then I remember. A word that keeps on ringing everytime I feel like blaming on myself.


That’s right. Pray.

Such a simple word but powerful.

I started praying (and crying to God). I talked to God almost every single thing I wanted Him to hear.

Then I felt this thing that I cannot even describe. The feeling of calmness, serene, peaceful. As if God is saying: don’t worry, my child. I have taken care all of your worries.

I know this post might seem a bit personal and probably religious but yes as a Christian, we should know that God wants us to pray to Him all the time. Not just when we are dealing with problem but also when we are having our own greatest moment. And yes, God is so near that He even will hear our nonsense rambling.

And this picture really says it all:

I hope you all have a great week! God bless!

Yours Truly 🙂

PS: this rendition of The Lord’s Prayer is by far the most beautiful I have ever heard.

One Sunday Afternoon

Hello March!

I cannot believe that it is already 1/3/15. February seem went by so quick. I still remember we just celebrated Valentine’s and Lunar NY. All of a sudden, it is March and that means spring is coming in like 19 something days.

Happy? Yeah.
Sad? A lil bit.

Happy because there will be plenty of activities my boo and i could do but sad because weather’s gonna be warm up and uncertain period amount of rain gonna wash NYC. I am not saying that rain is bad tho; i hate when it rain dramatically. It creates puddles everywhere.

Plus the humidity, my God! I cannot stand NY’s humidity level for some reason. It will says 55f for the temp but due to the 90% humidity, it feels like 75 and next thing you know, you will sweat like crazy after lots of walking.

Oh well, i guess that’s why they call it “A circle of life”

It snowed quite hard earlier in NYC (couple hours ago before i wrote this) and it came up pretty afterwards. However, if you are living in your own house or own a car then having a lot of snow is the last thing you want to say. Thank God i live in an apartment building but yea i feel bad for some people. You gotta shovel and clean the sidewalk and of course clean your car before the ice getting too thick to clean.




Ps: pics were taken in Brooklyn. In front of boo’s house.


And even this dog knows that the weather has been so depressing lately. Lol.

p.p.s: i originally took a video of the snow but since WP was acting stupid with the upload so please bear with the pics and enjoy the snapshot of it.

So how’s the weather in your area, folks? Spill some bean!

Yours Truly 🙂