In Sleep He Sang To Me, In Dreams He Came…

That voice which calls to me, and speaks my name.

If you are not familiar with those lyric, then I suggest you to listen to the song. The original one. The one that was sung by Sarah Brightman and Michael Crawford.

Not the current Broadway cast recordings or the 2004 film version of it.

Let me guess, still confused with what I am talking about?


a. They are the original casts
b. Andrew Lloyd Webber specifically wrote the music for both of them (even though this was more to Sarah)
c. They have the best chemistry in terms of performances
d. And yes, they are the original (again!)

Yes everybody is entitled to their own opinion but a lot of Phantom fans are so judgmental; thinking that Crawford’s voice was too creepy for the role. I mean, hello? Isn’t Phantom supposedly to be dark and scary? What do you expect? Justin Timberlake’s voice or Adam Levine?

And don’t start with the whole “Sarah’s voice is too mature and strong for a girl like Christine” discussion. Andrew himself wrote the part for her and yes, even if Christine is only a teenager, a soprano can have mature voice regardless of age. Whether she is a lyric soprano or coloratura soprano, she is still a soprano.

Okay, this post seems kinda weird for you but yeah, just trying to share what I love. I love The Phantom of the Opera. I love Broadway musicals. I love theater and performing arts.

One of my favorite song.

Yours Truly πŸ™‚


Bryant Park Frozen Fountain

So the weather has been really cold in New York City. I mean, extremely cold.

No, I am not complaining. I embrace the cold weather with open arms.

It’s just, it’s getting sickening.

I know, I know.Β I once stated that I always prefer cold than hot but I just dislike the sudden temperature change. I’d like for mother nature to just stay the same like for 5 days straight. Ya know, if she wants 15-25F then let it be like that for 5 days instead of 2 days of brutal low of 9 then all of a sudden, it goes up to like 40 on the weekend. Like, seriously?!?

Oh well, complaining won’t help. She’s probably having the moodswing like we all females are experiencing during period.

Talk about freezing weather, I snapped some videos and pictures with my Canon G12 and I made a compilation video of Bryant Park Frozen Fountain. Mind you, some parts of the video were a little bit shaky because of the sudden wind chill that made both my hands freeze within minutes. I should have worn my gloves but yes I was that stubborn LOL.

Oh and if you want to, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel for the latest videos. Yeah yeah, my username is kinda weird but hey, it’s been around since 2008. πŸ˜‰

So, how you guys been? Currently I am having a sore throat and cold. Sucks.

Yours Truly πŸ™‚

Gong Xi Fa Cai 2015


Lanterns at a shopping mall complex in Guangzhou, China. This photo was taken around March 2009 with my old Olympus Mju 1000 camera. I was on a field trip with my old school.

Away from your beloved family during this year’s Chinese/Lunar New Year?

Nope, you are not alone.

There were times when I was very spoiled that all I’m looking forward during CNY were the yummy delicious foods and snacks and the hong baos (red envelopes with money). Life felt so easy and I did not have to worry about what happen the next day and the day after.

Then I grew up. And relocated. Away from mom and pops and also my uncles, aunts, cousins, closed friends, friends, old teachers, et cetera. Before I settled in NYC, I had tasted living for couple of months in countries that only takes 1-2 hours flight from hometown. Never feel any homesick whatsoever.

Now that I moved to a city where you need at least 22 hours of flight (excluding transit), the feeling of homesick started to bother me especially when CNY hits on Jan/Feb. I have missed like 4 times of CNY celebration with my family and friends. I did not care much about the foods or snacks or the extra money. But i do care about spending time with family and specifically for just that day where i could actually meet with the relatives and share great conversations and stories. Yea it is pretty much equivalent with Thanksgiving here in the States.

Anyway, I am not trying to be sad or melancholy or what but I am writing this post simply because I realize that as I grow older, all those bonuses that I always get during CNY are not the main priority. What matters most is the idea of spending and celebrating the new year of the Goat with your beloved; especially parents and relatives and also friends. (and also in-laws and hubby if you are already married).

Love and embrace them while you can because you will never know what’s gonna happen to them the next day.

With that being said,

HAPPY CHINESE/LUNAR NEW YEAR! GONG XI FA CAI! XIN NIAN KUAI LE! May this year of the Goat brings us more luck, good health, and prosperity!

Yours Truly πŸ™‚


Our Valentine’s 2015

For the first time in my life, I actually experienced a real Valentine’s day with my beloved.

And no, I am not exaggerating.

Yes I have been in a couple of relationships prior to this one but I have never really celebrate Valentine’s Day. It was either because the ex did not like the idea or there was one time when I actually had a fight with ex during that day. I know I know it sounds stupid but oh well, lesson learned.

Enough with my own rambling.

Last Saturday, boo made a reservation at 8.30 pm but he did not tell me where. He told me a week before V-day and I was sort of like trying to say “where” but instead of asking, I simply replied “that’s great, boo. Thank you.” So Saturday came and I arrived in BK (short for Brooklyn) around 6PM. Boo picked me up at the subway station and we went to his place first before dinner. We sat down, relax, grabbing a lil snack, chatting with the folks while watching Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune.

7.50 came and we headed out and walk to the restaurant. At first boo was hesitating whether he had to drive or just walk. But then again, I did not mind fast walk so we walked from house to the restaurant. I could not really tell how far but I guess it was around 20-25 minutes of walking. We arrived at the restaurant at 8.27 and were immediately seated.

Oh, the name of the place is MyThai.

As that night was all about Valentine’s day so we were given Valentine’s dinner set menu for two. It has four courses with a dessert to share and complimentary rose wine for two. For the appetizer we had beef and chicken satay, pot stickers, and spring rolls completed with 4 types of sauce. Peanut sauce, dumpling sauce, cucumber onion pickled relish, and a hoisin type of sauce. For the salad, we ordered green salad with peanut sauce.


I really liked the satays. They were cooked perfectly and easy to chew. Even tho they did not use chicken thigh (normally if i make my own i would rather use the thigh cause its juicier) but i still enjoy it. The spring roll was good too although they could serve 2 instead of just one. Potsticker was okay, nothing to shout about. The garden salad was good especially when it’s paired with the peanut sauce.

For the entrees, we chose the Malaysian short ribs and Shrimp pad thai noodles. Actually I was interested with the spicy basil seafood thingy (don’t ask me the name of it, hard to pronounce Thai names) but i was kinda “eh” with spicy food that night so i was happy with the choice. The order came at same time and boy, they were huge. Good thing we shared the food lol. The ribs were my favorite, hell i could eat them just by themselves without the sauce. It was just cooked right and seasoned right. Chewy and tender, definitely the best of the night. The pad thai was great too and seasoned very well. The shrimp was ok but the beansprouts were fresh and crunchy. The peanut could have been a bit crunchier tho.

We chose Chocolate fondant for the dessert and boy it was so damn good. I was already full from all the foods (yea we had to take the ribs and pad thai to go) so i had to make thin slices on the cake. Don’t get me wrong tho, i really liked the cake. Since i am quite picky with cakes i Thank God that night that the dessert was actually delicious. Oh, i forgot to mention about the rose wine. See, i am not a drinker but i could tell good wines and mediocre wines. They served the wine just right. The flavor was great too. Should have asked what type of rose they served that night.

By the time we finished our meal, it was already 10.30 ish and it was snowing real hard outside. I was sort of freezing for like 5 minutes but after walking, my body came back to normal and boo and i actually walked so slow back home that we played along the snowy road while making goofy signs at neighbor’s houses. Lol.

Nope, we did not do harm at all the houses.

So, that’s our story for this year’s Valentine’s day. How’s your story, peeps?

Yours Truly πŸ™‚

Feeling Nostalgic: 2006 Songs

I’ll add new category in this blog called “feeling nostalgic”

this time, I am taking you guys back to the year 2006.Β  A year when everything happened and gradually changed my life. moved to another house for a temporary amount of time, turmoil inside the family, happiness and sadness in school life but thankfully the music was still upbeat and great (if i can say better than nowadays).

I am by any chance not a fan of Nelly Furtado but when i downloaded and listened this song for the first time, it kept playing inside my head like literally the next hour and even the next days. the beat is just awesome even though some people complained about the unnecessary ‘hey’ in the background vocal.

FIFA world cup 2006 in Germany is and by far the best World Cup I have ever experienced and watched. Overall matches were excellent, including the soundtrack itself. This is the official theme for FIFA WC 2006 and the beat, the lyric, the artist — complete excellence!

As i have mentioned, WC 2006 soundtrack consists of great songs including this one by Il Divo and Toni Braxton. Eventually this song is like a must played whenever i started my day in the morning before i went to school.

Surely Il Divo was the highlight of WC 2006 because not only once but two times they recorded song for the soundtrack. This song performed with Celine Dion was written so beautifully that it could be a reminder to all of us that no matter how big your dream is, you must never give up to chase it. Unlike Time of Our Lives, i prefer to play this song at night because it just gives you the ‘calm nerve’ effect. dunno bout you guys but that’s just me.

Ok. I am not a big ‘dance/techno’ fan but for some reason I enjoyed this song A LOT! like literally, all the radios at that time played this song every single day.

Again, I am not a fan of artist like Black Eyed Peas but this song is just great and really boost your mood especially before you start your daily activities.

I am a fan of James Bond movies and its soundtracks (quite odd for a female of course) and when I heard about Daniel Craig as the new James Bond replacing Pierce Brosnan, my heart sunk. I mean, how on earth this short blonde become “JAMES BOND”?! In my mind, I bet Ian Fleming was cursing like crazy from up there thinking his character had turn blonde. LOL. ok, enough with the rambling. When I first saw Casino Royale in cinema, I was like hmm opening scene looked good but when the theme by Chris Cornell started playing — OMG — it was like ‘ HECK YEA THIS IS AWESOME ‘. and then i got hooked. by both the movie and the song. I took back the words about Daniel Craig and I actually started a group online about full support of him as James Bond. I saw Casino Royale again for another 3 times (in total i saw it 4 times in cinema) and I immediately bought the soundtrack and replayed the theme song until i got super bored. Chris Cornell is just amazingly A-W-E-S-O-M-E in the way he sang and composed the music. And i am proud to say, this is THE BEST JAMES BOND THEME SONG EVER CREATED!

So, what about you? You have any favorite songs from the past? especially 2006? Would love to hear your thought!

Yours Truly πŸ™‚


Throwback thursday: first birthday in NYC


Right now it’s already Friday (ooh spooky Friday the 13th LOL) but yes i could not help myself not posting something about #TBT or as anyone out there know as Throwback Thursday. This time, my tbt is a picture of me celebrating my 2_ birthday (not gonna tell you how old i was in 2011 but i was already legal way before that) and instead of birthday cake, i opted for pink cupcakes that i got from Whole Foods. If you read my about me section, you’d understand why i did not buy any cake for my birthday.

As the title said, yes it was my first birthday celebrated in NYC. A moment when i actually felt a full adult because for the first time, i moved to my own apartment. No more “ma, where’s the spoon?” Or something like “ma, this shirt got stain. What should i do?” Or “pop, need more $$ to go out tonight”. Yes, i still get some money from them (during birthday and special occasion) but by moving here, i eventually learned what’s good and what’s not. Learned that by couponing and some research, i could make a nice home cooked meal without having to spend a lot of cash. Learned that when my apartment has bathroom issue (leaking and all that stuff), i should talk to the super and schedule somebody coming to the apt to fix the problem. Learned that somebody you think you know best could be the one who stabbed you from behind. Learned that when my heater broke during winter sometime ago, i could not complain but just to layer up some more to avoid being cold at night.

Et cetera, et cetera, yada yada..

I hope you guys have a fantastic weekend! Um hold on, tomorrow’s Valentine’s day! What’s your plan on this magnificent Saturday? Spill out and let me know! If i have a free time on Saturday (which i doubt since i’ll be with le bf all day long) i’ll try to post something. If not then..

Talk to you later, folks!

Yours Truly πŸ™‚

Dinner plates dilemma

Back when i had the comfort of living in my parent’s house and the magnificent dorms, i did not have to worry about kitchen supplies and utensils; especially dinner plates. Plates are always there (despite the situation) and i could easily find different type of ’em. Cake plate, salad plate, big meal plate, medium plate, gigantic plate, yada yada. Even the dorm was always prepared with plates (nope we’re not talkin bout American dorms with its’ paper plates).

now, when i actually moved to NYC and had my own apartment for the 1st time, i was always worried about this particular thing. The horrendous dinner plates. Or plates. It’s not that i don’t have it now (heck i’ve been moving more than 3x already) but the thing is: i am so darn lazy to fill in my kitchen with proper dinner plates. I have a M&M plastic plate,Β 2 tacky looking plates that i got from friends, a dozen of paper plates, and 3 microwave safe nordicware plates that i bought like 5 months ago.

Happy? Certainly not.

Anyway, i’ve been browsing dinner plates for the past month and nothing fancy my eyes. Even a trip to Sur la table and William Sonoma was not a good one. I am ok with their price but for some reason, the design was a lil bit “eh” for me.

now now, i still love their kitchen supplies..:)

yesterday’s browsing on Amazon led me to some of the dinner plates collection by Rachael Ray. O-m-G! Where the heck have i been all this time?!? Those designs Β are not just cute but plain beautiful without being too overboard. And the price was quite reasonable. Around $15 – $25 ish.

problem is, which design should i get?


So what do you think, my reader? A? B? C?

My guts said go for B but i like A too.

P.S: amazon also has the plates only collection in a set package. The reason why i chose this set is because i can basically use all for daily purpose. I already have a mug but having another one seems a good idea.

Yours Truly πŸ™‚

My Song Selections For Valentine’s Day 2015

It’s 2/4/2015

10 more days into Valentine’s Day.

Anybody feeling the romance already?

Are you excited or is it just blah for you?

If you are excited then good for you! Well, i am also excited and looking forward for it! If you are not excited for it then well just enjoy this post! πŸ˜‰

FYI, Valentine’s Day does not have to be associated with just couples activity. It could be a day when you can celebrate it with your family, your friends, your co-workers, your teachers, your neighbors, or even a stranger you meet on the street. Hey, who knows what?! That stranger you meet on the street could be the love of your life in the future (for those singles out there).

Anyway, talking about ideas and stuff for Valentine’s Day will take hours to compile it into one single short post. This time I am going to share my song selections for Valentine’s Day. Alert, some of these songs might seem a bit outdated because they were literally made way before we even associated ourselves with Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, etc. But don’t worry, I also add some of the recent ones. Mind you that this post solely based on my opinion and I am not paid by certain artist or record company to market the songs so please, if you have any critics or what, feel free! I welcome criticism πŸ™‚

P.S.: this list is random so there’s no rank.

1. Carole King – Anyone At All (from You’ve Got Mail soundtrack)

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan on Valentine’s Day movie marathon with your bf/gf/spouse? Depend on how you rate your romantic level, this movie will always be my ultimate favorite! This movie was also the one that triggered me more than 10 years ago to put New York City as my permanent home in the future. Well, guess what?! Here i am in NYC been surviving and living for the past 4 years. πŸ™‚ The song itself, sang by Carole King, could not be more than perfect. The melody, the lyric, the story — perfection. And yes, this song is dedicated to my boo. πŸ™‚

2. Barbra Streisand and Bryan Adams – I Finally Found Someone (from The Mirror Has Two Faces soundtrack)

When I heard this song for the first time, I was like ‘Holy Crap, Babs and Bryan are just to good to be true’. As a fan of Babs (short for Barbra), I always play this song whenever I feel like needing a mood booster or something. Romantic and calming at the same time, it went very well with the movie theme. If you are curious, just listen to the music and examine the lyric. I am not going to spoil what the movie is about (you can always google it i know) but if you can, please watch Mirror Has Two Faces. It is funny and sad at the same time. Hint: about two person who think they would be just casual in partnership but turns out to be even more than casual. πŸ˜‰

and again, boo, this is for you πŸ™‚

3. Melissa Manchester – Through The Eyes of Love (theme from Ice Castles)

This theme got stuck in my head thanks to a local oldies radio that played it again and again when i was a kid. I liked the song but unfortunately, when you are a kid, you just like a song without even bother of figuring out the meaning of it. Not until like when I watched Ice Castle on local TV and listened to the song again, I immediately realized that the song was more than just romance but about coping with hurts and dreams. The movie itself was not the best but if you can, watch it.

4. Lifehouse – You and Me

I actually cannot comment much on this song but I do think this is a good song for Valentine’s Day. I do not have any particular reason or story why I put this one but after couple of times hearing it, it is just pure romantic especially if you want to dedicate this to your loved ones (or as they said, expressing how you like and love that special one). I loved the song when i first heard it on the radio and what’s funny is that boo actually sent the song to me. Ha! πŸ˜‰

5. Clean Bandit – Rather Be feat Jess Glynne

Ok, you might think I am nuts by putting this one but please listen to the song couple of times and read the lyric. It may be not a ‘romantic’ per se but it can be romantic if you (back again to number 4) are trying to express your feeling to your beloved ones without being too too romantic. I know a lot of people who are having a hard time expressing their feeling and might think ‘ah it’s too cheesy’ so the only way to do it is sometimes yes, by song that is considered safe but actually has a deep meaning inside it.

So, what do you guys think?

Yours Truly πŸ™‚