2015 Winter Storm in NYC

As i have said on my previous post, we just had our winter storm last weekend.

Happy? Yes

Ecstatic? Definitely (seems that i like this word a lot. i actually used it two times already)

Begging for more? Er, not really but I don’t mind snow. It is winter anyway so what do you expect? Mixed sunshine with thunderstorm?!?

Anyway, yes those winter storms have names (dunno when Weather Channel decided to name winter storms) and they were IOLA (i-yow-la) and JUNO.

Weather forecast predicted JUNO would bring at least 2 Feet of snow in New York City. Guess what?!

It only dropped 1 feet, some area even only got like 7 to 8 inches.

Oh well, they are human. Let mother nature do the work.

First three pictures were taken during Winter Storm IOLA


Taken on 1/24/2015 around 2.40 AM


don’t you just love it when it snowed?!


I LOVE THIS! taken around 2.50 AM on 1/24/2015 with my iPhone. location: my apartment’s main lobby.

The rests of the pictures were Winter Storm Juno


Queens Boulevard around 4 PM on 1/26/2015. Yeap, traffic paid a visit during this so-called blizzard!


By midnight, it was already a feet of snow which unfortunately did not change much into a 2 feet as i would expected.


Juno did his best to blanket NYC with a lot of snow. Hey, Bryant Park got a bunch of snow!


If you own a car, getting stuck in the snow is probably the last thing you want to experience!

So yes, that sums up the first round of 2015 Winter Storm in New York City. Heard that the other one is coming and predicted will bring more snow to the city and surrounding Tri State area. Will it eventually happen for real or just another stupid forecast? We’ll see!

Have a great TGIF, folks! I’ll see you later!

Yours Truly 🙂


My New Domain :)

Super excited. Awesome. Ecstatic.

That’s what I am feeling right now.

super simple. Just click on www.christilautomo.com

But still, if you put the old URL address with wordpress.com it’ll still gonna work.

Why having my own domain? For fun? status? traffic on the internet? money wise?


Aside from those things, I think it is important to have your own website with your domain.com name. It’s good to put your portfolio projects (if you have any), plus to network and expand your own resume. Your own website can be your own advertisement (as if LinkedIn is not enough) but yes I remember one of my professor from my current graduate school. In today’s networking, having a good offline networking is not enough. If you are in the creative arts business, having your own website is like your home to showcase how good your talent is and what you can offer to the public.

and if you are a Fashion or Food blogger, who knows that you might ended up working with Vogue or Bon Appetit?! 😉

Oh well, I am rambling about a lot of stuff.

We just had our Winter Storm Juno a.k.a 2015 Blizzard in NYC and the tri-state area.

be safe, folks! talk to you later!

Your’s Truly 🙂

POTD: St. Mary the Virgin


Went to this beautiful church for the Evensong 5 PM service about 2 weeks ago. Boy, i just loved the architecture of this church. The service was unbelievably serene and peaceful. If you happen to visit NYC and are staying around Times Square, do take time to visit this church.

St. Mary the Virgin church
145 West 46th Street, New York, NY 10036
(212) 869-5830

Originally posted on my Instagram account: http://instagram.com/p/xlXetDnZ5B/

My Instagram: instagram.com/ladida89

Your’s Truly:)

2nd impression


Ok, 2nd post. Well, what do you want to know?


yes, if you read my bio or about me in the blog site, i live in NYC or New York City.


Summer 2011 – i arrived in NYC. Stayed in Brooklyn heights part of Brooklyn, NY for couple of days. Moved to Astoria – part of Queens – for about 1,5 months

Almost end of summer 2011 – moved from Astoria to Midtown East part of Manhattan for 1 month until beginning of autumn/fall

fall 2011- moved to Upper West Side part of Manhattan (my ultimate dream came true)

2012 – all year round living in UWS

2013 – still living in UWS

Winter 2014 – spring 2014 – still living in UWS while looking for another apartment in Queens

End of spring 2014 – moved to Sunnyside part of Queens

Summer, fall, winter 2014 – living in Sunnyside

Winter 2015 – still in Sunnyside.

Let’s see where i’m gonna be end up next. Queens? Manhattan? Brooklyn?

Stay tune!

your’s truly:)

1st impression



or whatever you call it…

thanks for stopping by. I used to blog about fashion and lifestyle but i stopped for a while. Trust me, life has been so difficult for me – i basically risked everything to fulfill my own goals and dreams. I left my comfort zone to start a new phase of life in a new country.

and Thank God, i survived!

yes, i survive the worse  and i have managed to overcome any of the obstacles.

And yes, i am one step closer to put my own name in this city.

A city where they always say : concrete buildings where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do

oh well, what am i blurbing about?

so thank you for stopping by and i hope you enjoy this blog! Till then, folks! 🙂

Your’s Truly!